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Solimar Research

Revamp of Fresno Plans, Zoning Code Aims to Create "Next Great American Downtown"

Downtown, Fresno, Zoning,

Will this time be the charm for one of California's most eternally troubled central business districts? >>read more

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CP&DR News Briefs November 28, 2016: Housing Subsidies in S.D.; Eureka and Sea Level Rise; Gentrification Debate Continues in S.F., and More

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Position Available, City of Menlo Park

(in: Job Announcement)
Career Opportunity, Job, Position Available

CP&DR Vol. 31 No. 11 November 2016

(in: Reports)

CP&DR News Briefs November 21, 2016: S.D. Seaport Village; Dangerous Intersections; League of Cities Goals; and More

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News Briefs

General Plan Policy Not Sufficient For Insignificance

CEQA, Level of service, Sacramento, Significance thresholds

CP&DR News Briefs November 14, 2016: Banning Ranch Lawsuit; S.F. Public Housing; ULI Awards

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Urban Laboratories of Democracy

(in: Articles)
Cities, Trump

Calexit in Reverse

(in: Articles)
Ballot Measures, Calexit, Housing, Trump

Land Use Ballot Measure Results, Nov. 2016

(in: Legal Digest)
Ballot Measures, Election 2016, Growth, Infrastructure, Rent Control, Transportation

CP&DR News Briefs November 7, 2016: Oakland Transportation Plan; TOD along Gold Line; L.A. Counts City-Owned Parcels; and More

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