• AB 1387 (Jones). Expands a CEQA exemption for urban infill to projects of up to 100 units with a minimum density of 20 units per acre. The projects also must be within half a mile of a transit stop and comply with the local circulation element. Signed by governor.

• SB 832 (Perata). Expands an exemption for urban infill housing developments. Gutted.

• SB 1191 (Hollingsworth). A major Republican overhaul of CEQA. Died.


• AB 802 (Wolk). Requires cities and counties to account for flood safety in general plan updates. Died.

• AB 1528 (Jones). Requires cities and counties to share flood liability with the state in areas protected by new levees. Died.

• AB 1665 (Laird). The administration’s package, which includes requirements for levee evaluations, plans for levee upgrades and notification of property owners. Died.

• AB 1898 (Jones). Requires property owners in Central Valley areas lacking 200-year flood protection to get flood insurance. Died.

• AB 1899 (Wolk). Prohibits development on land that lacks 100-year flood protection and land that will not soon have 200-year protection. Died.

• AB 2208 (Jones). Requires the state to identify landowners that benefit from levees, for the purpose of establishing fees. Died.

• AB 2500 (Jones). Requires cities and counties to adopt safety plans as a condition of receiving money for levee upgrades. Died.

• AB 3022 (Umberg). Increases flood insurance disclosure requirements. Died.

General Plans

• SB 44 (Kehoe). Requires all jurisdictions to adopt air quality elements that account for development patterns. Gutted.

• SB 409 (Kehoe). Requires cities and counties to correlate the water supply portion of their conservation elements with their land use elements. Gutted.

• SB 655 (Ortiz). Requires new mapping of areas with naturally occurring asbestos, identification of the areas in general plans, and disclosure to buyers if asbestos is present. Failed in Assembly.

• SB 1059 (Escutia). Authorizes the California Energy Commission to designate electricity transmission corridor zones, and requires cities and counties to consider such zones when making land use changes. Signed by governor.

Housing and Housing Elements

• AB 350 (Matthews). Authorizes local governments in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties to create infrastructure finance districts in jobs-housing opportunity zones. Gutted.

• AB 2158 (Evans). Requires regional housing needs assessments to consider local agency formation commission policies on growth. Vetoed by governor.

• AB 2378 (Evans). Makes condominiums developed under density bonus provisions subject to a resale restriction to ensure affordability to moderate-income households. Died.

• AB 2511 (Jones). Gives cities and counties 90 days to decide on projects in which at least 49% of units are for very low- or low-income households, bolsters anti-discrimination laws, and permits courts to sanction local governments for not filing annual general plan status reports. Signed by governor.

• AB 2634 (Lieber). Requires housing elements to provide for households that have incomes of 30% of median. Signed by governor.

• AB 3042 (Evans). Establishes a procedure for cities and counties to transfer shares of regional housing needs. Died.

• SB 1322 (Cedillo). Requires cities and counties to make emergency shelters and group homes by-right uses in certain zones, and to account for emergency shelters in general plans. Vetoed by governor.

• SB 1432 (Lowenthal). Amends the Mello-Roos Community Financing Act in multiple ways, including a provision that permits use of Mello-Roos bonds for affordable housing development. Vetoed by governor.

• SB 1800 (Ducheny). Makes numerous changes to housing element law and CEQA to ease housing construction. Died.


• AB 773 (Mullin). Increases from 30 days to 90 days the time in which voters may prepare a referendum of a redevelopment ordinance. Signed by governor.

• AB 782 (Mullin). Removes as a basis for establishing a redevelopment project area the existence of small and irregular lots. Signed by governor.

• AB 1162 (Mullin). Places a moratorium until 2008 on redevelopment agencies taking by eminent domain an owner-occupied residential property if the property is to be transferred to a private entity. Died.

• AB 1893 (Salinas). Prohibits a redevelopment agency from using tax-increment financing to fund the development of a city hall or county administration building. Signed by governor.

• AB 1990 (Waters). Prohibits use of eminent domain if the real property being acquired is to be transferred to a private entity. Died.

• AB 2922 (Jones). Stiffens affordable housing covenants for subsidized projects and increases tenants’ rights. Vetoed.

• ACA 22 (La Malfa), SCA 15 and SCA 20 (McClintock). Constitutional amendments to restriction use of eminent domain. Died.

• SB 53 (Kehoe). Requires redevelopment plans to explain where, when and how officials will use eminent domain, and requires agencies to document blight before extending the time period for use of eminent domain. Signed by governor.

• SB 1206 (Kehoe). An overhaul of the Community Redevelopment Law that tightens the definition of blight, makes it easier to file legal challenges and referendums, and increases state oversight. Signed by governor.

• SB 1210 (Torlakson). Makes numerous changes to how all public agencies carry out eminent domain actions. Signed by governor.

• SB 1329 (Alquist). Authorizes redevelopment agencies to award planning grants and other financial incentives to supermarkets and other grocers to assist with planning and building supermarkets in underserved areas. Amended and died.

• SB 1650 (Kehoe). Restricts how agencies may use property taken by eminent domain. Signed by governor.

• SB 1809 (Machado). Requires local officials to add information about possible use of eminent domain to required statements. Signed by governor.


• AB 1020 (Hancock). Requires Caltrans and regional transportation agencies in most urban areas to prepare new transportation models that better account for land uses policies. Vetoed by governor.

• AB 1766 (Dymally). Permits enterprise zones to request 25-year extensions. Died.

• AB 1785 (Bermudez). Increases by $55 million annually the money available for railroad grade separation projects. Died.

• AB 2223 (Salinas). Extends until 2104 expedited procedures for cities to annex unincorporated islands. Signed by governor.

• AB 2762 (Levine). Permits 16 Indian tribes to join the Southern California Association of Governments. Vetoed by governor.

• SB 625 (Battin). Authorizes the Department of General Services to offer surplus land to local governments at fair market value. Died.

• SB 1230 (Florez). Creates a clean air enterprise zone within the San Joaquin Valley, requires the state to provide low-interest loans to certain clean businesses in the zone, and expedites permitting. Vetoed by governor.

• SB 1523 (Alarcon). Requires cities and counties to prepare economic impact reports for proposed big-box retail stores. Vetoed by governor.