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Legal Digest

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No CEQA Exemption For Stadium Lights

CEQA, San Francisco

Legal Briefs, November 19, 2022

CEQA, Pacific Grove, Petaluma, Vested Rights

Santa Cruz Student Housing Moves Closer To Construction

CEQA, Housing, Santa Cruz, University of California

Legal Briefs November 2022

CEQA, Chino, code enforcement, Lincoln, Placer County, SLAPP

CEQA Trumps SB 330 On Stevenson Project -- For Now

CEQA, Housing, San Francisco, SB 330, TODCO

El Dorado Traffic Fee Upheld

El Dorado County, Fees, Nollan/Dolan

Some CEQA Exemptions Must Be Agendized

CEQA, Exemptions, Thousand Oaks

Coyote Valley Inverse Condemnation Case Moves Forward

Coyote Valley, Due Process, Inverse Condemnation, San Jose , Taking

Are Some Development Standards "Unwaivable"?

Density Bonus, Elk Grove, Housing, SB 35

Your LAFCO's Power Isn't Limitless

Annexations, Fire Protection, LAFCO, San Joaquin County, Tracy