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Legal Digest

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UC Wins Latest Skirmish With Berkeley Neighbors

Berkeley, CEQA, UC

L.A. Water Cut to Mono Lessees Isn't A New Project Under CEQA

CEQA, Los Angeles, Mono County, water

Will the Supreme Court's Abortion Ruling Make It Easier To Turn Down Development Projects in California?

Substantive Due Process, U.S. Supreme Court, Zoning

Cities Can't Sue COGs Over RHNA Applications

Coronado, Housing, Imperial Beach, Lemon Grove, RHNA, SANDAG, Solana Beach

When Is A CEQA Project Description Too Narrow?

CEQA, Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, Water

CEQA Judge's Lament: "Something Is Very Wrong With This Picture"

CEQA, Marin County, Tiburon

Judge Upholds Constitutionality of SB 10

AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Housing, Redondo Beach, SB 10

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Loses Another Hollywood Housing Case

Hollywood, Housing, Redevelopment

When An AirBNB Is A Residence, Not A Motel

Coastal Commission, Manhattan Beach, Short-Term Rentals

Can Conserving Land Be An EIR Alternative?

CEQA, Livermore
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