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Legal Digest

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Judge Upholds Constitutionality of SB 10

AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Housing, Redondo Beach, SB 10

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Loses Another Hollywood Housing Case

Hollywood, Housing, Redevelopment

When An AirBNB Is A Residence, Not A Motel

Coastal Commission, Manhattan Beach, Short-Term Rentals

Can Conserving Land Be An EIR Alternative?

CEQA, Livermore

Legal Briefs: Project Descriptions Don't Have To Be Specific After All

CEQA, Project Description, SB 743

Judge Shuts Down Fanita Ranch Project

CEQA, Fanita Ranch, Santee

Enviros Stop Martis Valley Project

CEQA, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Martis Valley, Placer County

Enviros Lose Battle Over "Infill" In Chico

Chico, Climate Action Plans, Infill

Specific Plan CEQA Exemption Helps Push Newark Project Through

CEQA, Endangered Species, Housing, Newark, Sea Level Rise, Specific Plans, Wetlands

Neighbors' Opposition to San Diego Project Runs Into Density Bonus Law

Density Bonus Law, Housing, Housing Accountability Act, San Diego