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The Google Deal

In exchange for vested rights from the City of San Jose, Google has committed to an unprecedented investment in infrastructure, affordable housing, and community benefits.  >>read more

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The Plex Paradox

(in: Articles)
Oakland, Sacramento, Zoning

Another CEQA-In-Reverse Case

(in: Legal Digest)
CEQA, El Dorado County, Newtown

E-Commerce Boom Leads To Warehouse Moratoriums

(in: Articles)
Inland Empire, Jurupa Valley, Logistics, San Bernardino, Warehouses

CP&DR News Briefs June 15, 2021: San Diego Housing Element; Statewide Housing Construction; Sacramento Bike Network; and More

(in: News Briefs)

CP&DR News Briefs June 8, 2021: OC Housing Lawsuit; Navy Promotes Mixed-Use; Long Beach Airport Redevelopment; and More

(in: News Briefs)

Growth War In San Benito County

(in: Articles)
Agricultural Land, Ballot Measures, San Benito County

The Google Deal

(in: Insight)
Area Plan, Community Benefits Agreements, Development Agreements, Google, Housing, San Jose

CP&DR News Briefs June 1, 2021: S.J. Greenlights Google Complex; Offshore Wind Power; Planning Survey Results; and More

(in: News Briefs)

Position Available, Ventura County, CA

(in: Job Announcement)
Job Ads, Senior Planner, Ventura County

Judge Says Assisted Living Project Is Subject to Housing Accountability Act

(in: Articles)
Assisted Living, Housing, Housing Accountability Act, Simi Valley
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