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Most Housing Bills Make It To Newsom's Desk

If the governor signs them all, it could represent another big shift in state-local relations on housing.  >>read more

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How Will SB 9 Affect Planning in California?

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CP&DR News Briefs September 14, 2021: "Secret" North Coast Railroad; Vallco Mall Troubles; S.D. County Housing; and More

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Appellate Court Upholds HAA's Objective Design Standards

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APA California Conference Highlights Housing, Homelessness Crises

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California Is Densifying

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CP&DR News Briefs September 7, 2021: Oakland Stadium; Parking & Transit Stations; Housing Elements; and More

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Position Available, Sunnylands

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Position Available, City of San Bernardino, CA

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Will SB 9 and SB 10 Make Any Difference?

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