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Fanita Ranch Project Approved Yet Again

CEQA, Fanita Ranch, Housing, Santee


A's Stadium Wins A Round In CEQA Lawsuit

Bay Conservation and Development Commission, CEQA, Oakland, Port, Stadiums


Partial Win For Counties In Oroville Dam Case

Butte County, CEQA, FERC, Oroville, Plumas County, Water


Can Eliminating Ag Mitigation Create New Impacts?

CEQA, Farmland, Visalia


An Ivory Tower Solution To Climate Change

CEQA, Climate


People's Park Development On Hold

Berkeley, CEQA, UC


Granite Bay Self-Storage Opponents Get Second Bite At The Apple

CEQA, Placer County, Self-Storage


L.A. Water Cut to Mono Lessees Isn't A New Project Under CEQA

CEQA, Los Angeles, Mono County, water


How California's Planning System Is Changing -- Or Not

California Planning, CEQA, General Plan, Housing, OPR


When Is A CEQA Project Description Too Narrow?

CEQA, Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, Water

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