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Another CEQA-In-Reverse Case

CEQA, El Dorado County, Newtown


Napa Quarry Wins Appellate Court Approval After 13 Years

CEQA, Napa County


San Jose Violated CEQA Notification Rule, But ...

CEQA, Microsoft, San Jose


Senate Housing Bills Are Back

CEQA, Housing, Legislature, Transit


A Year Like No Other

CEQA, COVID-19, Housing, Racial Injustice, TopStories


CEQA At 50



Fresno County Must Throw Out Friant Ranch Approvals

CEQA, Fresno County


Lafayette Approves Full-Size Version of Infamous Apartment Development

CEQA, Housing, Lafayette, YIMBY


CEQA Challenge to Granite Bay Storage Facility Is Moot

CEQA, Conditional Use Permit, Granite Bay, Mootness, Placer County


Senate Housing Package Dies On Legislature's Last Night

CEQA, Housing, Legislation

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