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NEPA Changes Will Put More Pressure On CEQA

Ambassador Hotel, CEQA, NEPA, Trump


It's SB 743 Time!

CEQA, LOS, SB 743, Traffic, VMT


CEQA Applies To All Enrollment Increases

Berkeley, CEQA, UC Regents


Environmentalists Beat San Diego County on CAP Again

CEQA, Climate Action Plans, San Diego County


Senate Housing Bills Move Forward

CEQA, Density Bonus, Housing


Not Abandoning A Project Is Not A Project

CEQA, San Jose, Willow Glen


The Revolution in CEQA Exemptions

CEQA, EIRs, Mitigated Negative Declarations


CP&DR Podcast Apr. 14, 2020: Housing Crash; Fiscal Strains; Legal Update

Budgets, CEQA, COVID, Housing, Municipal Finance


High CEQA Baseline Upheld

Baseline, Carson, CEQA, Wilmington


Appellate Court Upholds Overturning Agoura Hills Project Approval

Agoura Hills, CEQA, Mixed Use, Native Plants, Oak Trees

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