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The Google Deal

Area Plan, Community Benefits Agreements, Development Agreements, Google, Housing, San Jose

Where Is California's Population Really Declining?

Bay Area, Central Valley, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Population, Sacramento

The Upside-Down Political Reaction to Biden's Zoning Reform

AFFH, Biden, Housing, Infrastructure, Zoning

Ending Single-Family Zoning Is Only Step One

Berkeley, Housing, Houston, Sacramento, Single-Family Zoning

How SB 35 and AB 1763 Pushed Through An Affordable Housing Project

AB 1763, Housing, Marin County, SB 35

Will Biden Reverse The Trump Legacy on Cities and Development

Biden, Endangered Species, Housing , Transportation, Trump, Wetlands

CEQA At 50


How Much Housing Does California Need?

HCD, Housing, RHNA

California Has Stopped Growing. Now What?


Close Call For SB 1120 May Mean More Focus On Duplexes

ADUs, Duplexes, Housing, SB 1120 , SB 50
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