About CP&DR

A Brief History Of CP&DR....

For 30 years, California Planning & Development Report has been regarded as the authoritative periodical on planning and development issues - required reading for planners, land-use lawyers, developers, environmentalists, citizen activists, and others interested and involved in the process of planning and development in California. Since 1986, CP&DR has been a unique institution - a monthly newsletter that serves the California planning and development community by providing comprehensive and up-to-date information in an impartial way using the highest journalistic standards.

Almost all of CP&DR's editorial material is prepared by professional journalists with special knowledge in planning and development. CP&DR is the only independent publication in the nation covering planning and development issues in a single state. Our subscribers include local planners, developers, land-use and environmental lawyers, state legislators, university professors, and federal agencies. And though most of our subscription list is in California, our readers stretch from New York to Japan.

 CP&DR's editors have also written many books, special reports, and other publications on planning and development in California and the nation, two of which are available on-line here in the CP&DR bookstore. With its network of affiliated researchers, CP&DR and its parent company, Solimar Research Group, also provide private clients with custom research, bringing the same degree of skill and integrity to a wide variety of topics.

Our Staff....

Below is a list of our current staff. See our contact page for information on getting in touch with us.

William Fulton - Publisher

Josh Stephens, Morris Newman, Kenneth Jost -- Contributing Editors

Susan Klipp - Fiscal Officer

Talon Klipp - Customer Service and Publications Manager