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Housing (Mostly) Wins on Local Ballots

Ballot Measures, Elections, Housing

Redondo Beach Braces for Massive "Builder's Remedy" Project

Builders Remedy, Housing, Redondo Beach

Sonoma County Weighs Open Spaces vs. "Missing Middle" Housing on Shuttered Hospital Site

Housing, Sonoma County

The Lawyer Behind The "Builder's Remedy"

Builder's Remedy, Housing, Housing Accountability Act, Housing Element, Santa Monica

Where Did This "Builder's Remedy" Come From?

Housing, Housing Accountability Act, Housing Element, RHNA, Santa Monica

Are Annual Housing Progress Reports Useful Or Just A Big Pain?

Annual Progress Reports, Banning, Hayward, HCD, Housing

How Will AB 2011 and SB 6 Affect California Planning?

AB 2011, Commercial Property, Housing, SB 6

Fanita Ranch Project Approved Yet Again

CEQA, Fanita Ranch, Housing, Santee

Why It Was A Banner Year For Housing Legislation

Housing, Legislation, Parking

Anaheim Renovates The Road To Summer