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Most Housing Bills Make It To Newsom's Desk

Housing, Legislation

ABAG Grapples With RHNA Appeals

ABAG, Alameda, Housing, Marin County, RHNA

HCD's New "Prohousing" Designation

HCD, Housing, Prohousing

Lancaster's BLVD Delivers

Downtowns , Lancaster, Urbanism

California's Long-Running Land Use Stalemates

Infrastructure, Land Use

San Diego, Sacramento See Surge in Multi-Family


Housing and Parking Bills Move Forward

Housing, Legislation, Livable California , YIMBY

The Plex Paradox

Duplexes, Oakland, Sacramento, Single-Family Zoning, Zoning

E-Commerce Boom Leads To Warehouse Moratoriums

Inland Empire, Jurupa Valley, Logistics, San Bernardino, Warehouses

Growth War In San Benito County

Agricultural Land, Ballot Measures, San Benito County