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The New Fissure In The California Housing Debate

Housing, Newsom, Parking, Transit


HCD Expects Review To Be Confined To San Francisco For Now

HCD, Housing, Housing Element, Newsom, San Francisco


Sam Assefa Arrives At OPR

Housing, Newsom, OPR


Land Use Gets Share of $100 Billion Budget Increase in May Revise

Budget , Newsom


Huntington Beach Ends One Housing Fight, with More to Come

Housing, Huntington Beach, Newsom


Newsom Budget Proposes Modest Housing Changes

Budget, Housing, Newsom


Newsom's Budget Includes Fines to Spur Housing

Budget, Housing, Newsom


Newsom Proposes Shift of Housing Funds

Budget, Cities, Encinitas, Housing, Infill Infrastructure Grants, Newsom


Newsom Releases Details of Housing Plan

Housing, Housing Elements, Newsom, Regional Housing Needs Assessments


CP&DR News Briefs March 12, 2019: San Diego Parking Requirements; Wind & Solar Farms; State Housing Capacity; and More

Housing, Newsom, Renewable Energy, Sacramento, San Diego

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