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Prop 13 Imprisons Californians in Their Homes

Proposition 13

Is NIMBYism On The Way Out?


Let's Retire Our Ideological Labels For Cities

Berkeley, Housing, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose

California Is Densifying

Census, Density, Metro

Will SB 9 and SB 10 Make Any Difference?

Housing, Legislation, RHNA, SB 10, SB 9

Eli Broad, Urbanist?

Downtown, Eli Broad, Los Angeles

The Phony Debate Over Wall Street and the Housing Crisis

Housing , Wall Street

Who Decides Whether California Misjudged the Bay Area's Housing Needs? (And Why It Matters)

Housing, RHNA, SB 35, SB 828, YIMBY

What Is Opposition To Duplexes Really About?

Duplexes , Housing , SB 50, SB 9, Single-Family Zoning

No Matter How You Calculate It, We Need A Lot Of Housing

Housing, RHNA
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