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Malibu District Loses Proposition 218 Case

Property owners can't be require to pay full cost of Broad Beach improvements, court rules.

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General Plan Trumps Zoning In SB 330 Case

If upheld on appeal, L.A. judge's ruling could completely upend the way cities interpret the consistence between general plans and zoning.

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UC Wins Latest Skirmish With Berkeley Neighbors

Judge finds "nothing new" in People's Park CEQA case, which is a companion to the enrollment case.

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Anaheim Renovates The Road To Summer

Beach Boulevard is getting a makeover for the 21st Century.

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Granite Bay Self-Storage Opponents Get Second Bite At The Apple

Mootness ruling in CEQA case doesn't prevent challenge to business license.

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Major Budget Surplus: Funds for Climate Change, Housing

But small housing amount disappoints advocates.

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L.A. Water Cut to Mono Lessees Isn't A New Project Under CEQA

Appellate court rules that 2018 reduction in water supply was done under a set of 2010 leases between the city's Department of Water & Power and leasing ranches in Mono County.

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Will the Supreme Court's Abortion Ruling Make It Easier To Turn Down Development Projects in California?

The justices have taken aim at the "substantive due process" argument -- which landowners have always tried to use to overturn land use decisions they don't like.

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Mixed Bag on June Ballot Measures

Transportation bond fails in San Francisco, while Santa Cruz voters apparently favor rails over trails. Meanwhile, Chino voters approved a housing element update.

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Cities Can't Sue COGs Over RHNA Applications

In a case from San Diego, an appellate court reaffirms a 13-year old ruling that says the legislature has barred RHNA allocation lawsuits by COG members.

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Redlands Goes Big on New Urbanism

Redevelopment of a moribund 1970s mall anticipates a new planning paradigm in Inland Empire city of Redlands.

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Anaheim's Major League Housing Debacle

Angels Stadium in Anaheim could have become Orange County's most impressive infill redevelopment. If not for corruption, contentiousness, and the Surplus Land Act.

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Parking, Commercial Reuse Bills Move Forward

Generally speaking, however, 2022 is a legislative year of incremental change not sweeping reform.

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When Is A CEQA Project Description Too Narrow?

When it doesn't allow the environmental impact report to analyze anything except the project that was proposed -- in this case, a Crystal Geyser bottling plant near Mount Shasta.

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CEQA Judge's Lament: "Something Is Very Wrong With This Picture"

Court sides with developer in 48-year-old case from Tiburon but judge goes off on CEQA. Meanwhile, Marin County negotiates with developer to purchase the property for open space.

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Biden Housing Plan Mirrors California Efforts

The focus on zoning reform in particular could complement California's recent housing production laws.

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What Exactly Went Down In Burbank Over SB 35

The City Councilmembers appointed themselves the final arbiter of whether a project met SB 35 requirements. Then they overruled their own staff. But in the end, it was really just about vagueness and inconsistency between the general plan and the zoning ordinance.

$5.00 Available
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