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Master Planned Communities Underway in California

The following is a selection of the largest master planed communities currently underway in California. See accompanying story, Post-Recession, Master Planned Communities Come Back to Life.

$5.00 Available

Post-Recession, Master Planned Communities Come Back to Life

With the California economy booming, large-scale master planned communities are back -- but for now long?

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Zoning Changes Aren't One Project For CEQA Purposes

If they can be implemented independently, it's not "piecemealing," Sixth District rules

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Trump Order Reframes Wetlands Regulation

His WOTUS executive order instructs federal agencies to ignore Kennedy's deciding vote on wetlands regulation.

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City Can't Punt on ESHAs in EIR, Supreme Court Rules

Court overturns appellate court in controversial case about Banning Ranch in Newport Beach.

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Insight: Would Gorsuch Overturn the WOTUS Rule?

The Supreme Court nominee takes a narrow view of administrative agencies' power -- but is likely to apply that view in a nonpartisan way.

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Fresno To Get Half Of New SGC Program's Funds

Transformative Climate Communities targets disadvantaged places -- L.A. will get one-quarter of the pot.

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State May Step In To Fair Housing Debate

Santiago bill would backstop federal rule that Trump Administration is likely to dump.

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Ballot Measure Roundup: A Quiet Election Day in California

There were more measures on local ballots in Los Angeles County than there were in the rest of the state combined.

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L.A. Voters Reject Slow-Growth Measure

Voters in the City of Los Angeles resoundingly rejected a ballot measure that would have radically reshaped the city’s approach to planning and influenced the city’s urban fabric for generations.

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Napa County Properly Kept Oak Woodlands Initiative Off Ballot, Court Rules

Measure would have turned voluntary practices into mandatory requirements.

$5.00 Available

Coalitions Square Off Over Los Angeles Anti-Growth Measure

Will anti-growth forces upend the Los Angeles growth status quo with Measure S?

$5.00 Available

Delisting Process Can Be Used To Challenge Original Species Listing

Delisting petition under California endangered species law not limited to after-listing changes, Supreme Court rules.

$5.00 Available

Insight: Trump EPA Likely To Repeal WOTUS Rule

End of signature Obama policy could put more pressure on California state environmental laws.

$5.00 Available

Post-Prop. 64, California Cities Consider How to Go Green

Proposition 64 affirms that localities have significant discretion to decide whether and how to allow cannabis-related business activities, including cultivation, processing, and retail sales.

$5.00 Available

Manhattan Beach Adopts Low-Profile Downtown Plan

Manhattan Beach wants to be the opposite of its namesake.

$5.00 Available

San Diego Community Plans at Odds with General Plan, Climate Plan

City's CAP has received national praise. But community plans aren't following suit with more density.

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