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Newsom Proposes Major Housing Package

Impact on local government could be huge.

$5.00 Available

Details of the Governor's Housing Package

Major reforms of RHNA process and housing element enforcement are proposed.

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Legal Briefs

Legal Briefs for January 13, 2019

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Infill Exemption Upheld for 8-Unit Project

St. Helena neighbors fail to stop project.

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McKinley Village Project Moves Forward

In unpublished ruling, appellate court green-lights use of LOS F for infill project in Sacramento.

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The Land-Use Legacy of Jerry Brown

Brown should also be remembered as a land-use governor par excellence who was willing to take political heat for projects that may not pay off for the public for years or even decades, writes Morris Newman

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Yet More Detail for EIRs

Cal Supremes require stronger connection between air quality and health in Friant Ranch EIR.

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State Law Prevails Over Slow-Growth Vote in Encinitas

Judge keeps ordering Encinitas to prepare new housing element, but voters keep shooting it down.

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You Can't Sue Over Policies They Haven't Violated Yet

Plumas enviros may be suspicious of the county's general plan policies, but that's not enough to win.

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School Fee Study Flunks The Test

Campbell developer gets $499,000 refund.

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Lay Comments on Aesthetics Trigger EIR

In another Dollar General case, appellate court also says historic review is not a substitute for CEQA.

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CP&DR's Top Stories of 2018

Senate Bill 827 gets its own category in CP&DR's annual list of its most-read stories

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Tejon Ranch Approval Pushes Boundaries of Sprawl

After two decades of negotiation, the new master-planned town of Centennial has been cleared for 12,323 acres of the 270,000-acre Tejon Ranch

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How Do All These Policies Reduce Driving?

Thanks to SB 375, we have all kinds of transportation and land use policies designed to reduce driving. It's time to start figuring out whether they work.

$5.00 Available

New General Plan Seeks to Banish Stockton's Demons

Formerly bankrupt city hopes downtown will lead the way back.

$5.00 Available

How Do We Reconcile Density and Fire Risk?

Paradise turns all of our ideas about wildfire management upside down.

$5.00 Available

Beating the Amazon Con

Amazon isn't worth the price for any city, no matter what.

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Local Rent Control, Stricter Development Requirements Pass On Local Ballots

It's no surprise: Voters want more control at the local level.

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