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L.A. Must Surrender Proposed "Highland Park City Hall"

City did nothing with historic bank building for 10 years -- except rent it out for filming.

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San Francisco Sets Aside Rancor to Support Housing at Potrero Power Station

Stakeholders in San Francisco's industrial Dogpatch neighborhood welcome mixed-use, 2,400-unit redevelopment of former gas-fired power station

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NEPA Changes Will Put More Pressure On CEQA

State-federal transportation and infrastructure projects likely won't be analyzed under federal law. But new rule could be reversed if Biden wins.

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It's SB 743 Time!

New traffic analysis mechanism finally takes effect this week.

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CEQA Applies To All Enrollment Increases

UC Berkeley erred in adding five times as many students as EIR analyzed, court rules.

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Do Black Lives Matter to Homeowners?

In places like Los Angeles's Westside, equity needs to be an issue on the table.

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AIDS Health Foundation Loses Again In Hollywood

L.A.'s approval of four large projects along Sunset Boulevard doesn't form the basis for a claim under the Fair Housing Act

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Environmentalists Beat San Diego County on CAP Again

Court rules that vague carbon offsets approach for new development violates CEQA and invalidate the Climate Action Plan.

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Development Agreement Trumps Vesting Tentative Map

Murrieta properly imposed WRCOG's "TUMF" fee while map was still in effect, court rules. 

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Senate Housing Bills Move Forward

Most bills emphasize ministerial approval, thus providing an end-run around the CEQA process.

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COVID Crisis Revives Tactical Urbanism

Low-cost transformation of streets to public -- and restaurant -- spaces may help enliven city neighborhoods and revive their sales tax bases.

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APA's Johnston Pledges Support for Planners During Pandemic

CP&DR’s Josh Stephens spoke with California APA President Julia Lave Johnston about the pandemic’s impact on the planning profession.

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Concord Naval Base Deal Falls Apart

Lennar, labor negotiations fail, so City of Concord will look for another master developer for 13,000-home project.

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Not Abandoning A Project Is Not A Project

The state required San Jose to get a new streambed agreement for Willow Glen Trestle Bridge. That doesn't trigger additional environmental review.

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The Revolution in CEQA Exemptions

In the last few years, exemptions have vastly outnumbered EIRs and mitigated negative declarations. Who needs CEQA reform?

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Sacramento Councilmember Wasn't Neutral In Quasi-Judiclal Action

City must now hold new CUP hearing on Curtis Park gas station case, appellate court rules.

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Will Telecommuting Stick?

With few traffic jams and clear skies, California's regional planning agencies strategize about how to keep remote work going after the COVID crisis is over.

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