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"Fact-Based Comments" Carry The Day In Fremont

Objections to townhome project were not just opinion, appellate court rules -- thus opening the way for an environmental impact report.

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SLO County Vineyard Well Permits Don't Require CEQA Analysis

In a blow to enviromentalists, appellate court says groundwater supply issues must be dealt with under state groundwater act, not well permits designed to deal with water quality.

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Nothing Unusual About Diablo Canyon

Berkeley Hillside rule doesn't apply to nuke plant's lease extension.

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Justice Kavanaugh's Strike Zone

How the Supreme Court nominee interprets the Endangered Species Act is likely to have a profound impact on land-use patterns in California.

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State of Resistance

Manuel Pastor reminds us of how much California has changed.

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Regions Contemplate New, Tougher Carbon Emissions Targets

Air Resources Board lowers 2035 targets by a percentage point, or more, for many MPOs

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Suit Attacks Greenhouse Gas Scoping Plan in Name of Social Justice

A coalition of civil rights groups is suing the Air Resources Board, claiming its 2017 greenhouse gas reduction Scoping Plan will impede development of housing

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Beach District Contracts Away Police Power

But Broad Beach contract with Moorpark on sand-hauling routes is not subject to CEQA

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Will Split Roll Hurt Mom and Pops?

The split roll idea has a lot of pluses -- but it could harm the retailers, especially small ones, who often give an urban area vitality.

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San Diego's Seaport Village To Get Major Overhaul

Seventy-story towers expected to be constructed on Port of San Diego property.

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How To Fix Proposition 13

After 40 years, some pieces of the initiative are baked into California's political DNA. But reforms could help alleviate the housing crisis.

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Oakland Study Touts Benefits of Community-Oriented Transit Oriented Development

LPPI found that the surrounding community remained stable and economically prosperous in the decade following the development of Fruitvale Transit Vilage in East Oakland.

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SCG Considers 19 Projects for AHSC Grants

The Strategic Growth Council will consider the awarding of $257.5 million in cap-and-trade funding for the 2016- 17 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program

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Eviction Is Only Part Of The Housing Crisis

Eviction is heartbreaking -- but so is homeless, overcrowding, high rent, and other problems created by California's housing shortage.

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What Role Does Rent Control Play

The housing crisis requires both-and solutions -- not either-or solutions. Rent control might be part of the answer, but much more is required.

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Always Use The Experts

Santa Rosa neighbors lose case after appellate court rejects their "nonexpert" analysis.

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Land Use Ballot Measures: June 5, 2018

Voters in a dozen or so cities and counties will decide on 15 land use measures June 5, with a fairly typical array of questions.

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