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What's The Matter With L.A.

New Census figures show that net out-migration isn't bad statewide -- but it's terrible in Los Angeles. 

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School Fees Case: Apartments' Common Space Counts

Appellate court rejects idea that school fees calculations don't include interior hallways and other common space.

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Developer Pressures Berkeley With SB 35

Apartment building gets fast-tracked as a result

$5.00 Available

Will Silicon Valley Be Ground Zero For SB 35?

Old Vallco Shopping Center in Cupertino may show the way on how to use the controversial new law.

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California Cities, Counties Grapple With Cannibis

More than 100 jurisdictions are thought to be crafting regulations for all aspects of the industry

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Insight: The Market Versus NIMBYS And Renters

Will Scott Wiener figure out how to make common cause with liberals who don't trust the private development market?

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SB 743 Overrides Parking Concerns

Appellate court gives Covina a victory on infill development -- and deals another loss to Cory Briggs.

$5.00 Available

Long Beach Passes Scaled-Down Land Use Element

Action comes after brawl between city and anti-growth groups.

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Legislative Update: Weiner Revises SB 827 Transit Oriented Development Bill

Despite proclamations by many that SB 827 was dead on arrival, for being too aggressive, a revision has just been released

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Court Upholds Referendum on Zoning Ordinance

Repealing a zoning ordinances doesn't create an inconsistency with the general plan because it "doesn't enact anything".

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The Urban Strategy 40 Years Later

The frame is different, but Jerry Brown is using climate change to pursue the same goals he laid out in the 1970s.

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Housing Bills Flood Sacramento Again

Two Wiener followups to SB 35 lead the pack.

$5.00 Available

Broker's Opinion Doesn't Constitute Substantial Evidence

In the latest urban decay case, an appellate court reinforces an earlier ruling to say that substantial evidence must involved more than merely an expert's "conjecture"

$5.00 Available

After 30 Years, Clock Strikes (Net-) Zero for Newhall Ranch Opposition

Acknowledging that the massive project will eventually be construct, most environmental groups agree to strike a deal. But there's still one holdout.

$5.00 Available

Condo Association Can Seek Inverse Condemnation Damages

Appellate court overrules lower court in Gold Line Extension case.

$5.00 Available

AG Exempt From CEQA Exhaustion Requirement

Attorney General can raise issues in court that aren't in an EIR's administrative record, appellate court rules.

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