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Legal Briefs

New cases on monks printing books in the woods and nude dancing in San Diego.

$5.00 Available

Courts Can Withhold Disputed Redevelopment Funds

The state is prevented from doing so by Prop. 22 -- but judges are not.

$5.00 Available

Coastal Act Trumps Density Bonus Act

Neighborhood character in Venice was a legitimate coastal issue, appellate court rules.

$5.00 Available

Legislative Roundup: Brown Embraces Housing Bills Large and Small

CP&DR's rundown of land use legislation passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Brown in the 2016 session: "granny flats," density bonuses, and climate change regulations prevail.

$5.00 Available

Inclusionary Housing Powers Reaffirmed By New Court Ruling

West Hollywood case builds on last year's ruling from San Jose.

$5.00 Available

Briggs Loses San Diego Attorneys Fees Case

His nonprofit client was suspended when he started legal action against the city.

$5.00 Available

Cal Supremes Give Lead Agencies Deference On "New" v. "Modified" Projects

San Mateo College case resolves conflict between appellate districts but plaintiffs still hope to win on remand.

$5.00 Available

Legal Briefs: When Does A Wireless Company "Incommode the Public Use"?

When do wireless facilities "incommode the public use"?

$5.00 Available

After Brown Signs New Law, State Floats GHG Reduction Ideas

Papers on "Vibrant Communities" & VMT reduction hint at state policy direction.

$5.00 Available

Insight: New Climate Bills Likely to Put Pressures on SCSs

Burden to hit 2030 target will fall especially hard on MPOs if cap-and-trade program goes away. >>read more

$5.00 Available

Placer County to Decide On Squaw Valley Resort Development

The proposed Village at Squaw Valley would transform the mountain’s currently threadbare base area into a multi-use destination. >>read more

$5.00 Available

Coastal Commission Rejects Banning Ranch Proposal

A proposed development in Newport Beach that has become a crucible for the California Coastal Commission was overwhelmingly rejected, 9-1. >>read more

$5.00 Available

Legal Briefs: CEQA-In-Reverse Affirmed on Remand

Appellate court distinguishes between "source" thresholds and "receptor" thresholds. >> read more

$5.00 Available

Sepastopol Developer Wins $2.855 Million Judgment

Delays in city approval triggered legal fight between landowner and developer. >> read more

$5.00 Available

Brown's Housing Bill Goes Down

But housing remains a big issue in remaining bills headed to Gov. Brown'd esk. >>read more

$5.00 Available

Oakland Seeks Social Equity, Efficient Spending from New Department of Transportation

A Q&A with Nelson/Nygaard's Jeff Tumlin, who is serving as the city's interim transportation director.

$5.00 Available

When Is An Historic Railroad Trestle Not Historic?

When the City Council says so, according to a new appellate court rulilng.

$5.00 Available

Housing Bills Dominate 2016 Legislative Slate

Brown may not get his as-of-right bill passed. But lots of other housing bills are in the hopper. >>read more

$5.00 Available
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