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Court Shoots Down Urban Decay CEQA Argument

Business owner's comments don't constitute substantial evidence in Downtown Joshua Tree fight over Dollar General. >>read more

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SCS Doesn't Need To Take State Mandates Into Account

Pacific Legal Foundation loses another one.

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Anit-SLAPP Motion Denied In Carson NFL Case

An appellate court has denied an anti-SLAPP motion to strike in a long-running dispute between rival developers and the City of Carson.

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San Diego Not Quite Off The Hook In Brown Act Case

The City Council has changed its non-agenda public comment ordinance, but they're not off the hook yet.

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SCOTUS Wetlands Ruling May Affect California Vernal Pools

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling gives property owners the ability to challenge the Army Corps' "jurisdictional determination" of wetlands before seeking a permit.

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Local Voters to Decide on Marijuana Cultivation, Bay Area Mega-Initiative, and More

The fifteen or so land-use measures on city and county ballots June 6 represent a cross-section of issues that California localities are facing. They include referenda on perennial questions like proposed developments (Pleasanton Measure K),  affordable housing (San Francisco Proposition C) funding for parks and infrastructure (San Francisco Proposition B). and, yet again, State of Jefferson secession (Lassen County).

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Insight: California Needs More Housing -- But It's Not As Simple As Supply and Demand

Amid all the alarming news about housing in California, here’s the one piece of information that really stands out for me: 

The average home price in the United States is about $180,000. The average home price in California is about $440,000. Not just in San Francisco, or Oakland, or Los Angeles, or Orange County, or San Diego. The entire state.

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Simplicity Triumphs in Pershing Square Design Competition

Rarely does anything with a lawn, a photovoltaic canopy, a “great lawn," no fewer than 13 design collaborators, and an estimated $50 million budget, qualify as simple. But, relative to its competitors, that’s exactly what the winning design in the Pershing Square Renew competition is

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Renters vs. Tenants: A Distinction with a Difference

Like 45 percent of other Californians and 52 percent of other Angelenos, I live in a home owned by a stranger. It’s not quite the American dream. Nationwide, 65 percent of households own the units they occupy. But it suits me fine.

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Rent Control Gains Traction Amid Housing Crisis in Bay Area

Like a monster that’s been hiding in the basement for decades, rent control is rearing its head in the Bay Area. Whether it is an ugly countenance or a smiling face is a matter of perspective.

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Elimination of Minimum Housing Densities Not Exempt From CEQA

Overturning the decision of a trial judge, the Fourth District Court of Appeal has ruled that the City of Palm Springs’s decision to eliminate minimum residential densities from its general plan is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act.

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Moore Gets National Recognition for Leading San Diego Port Master Plan

Ports can sometimes seems like neither fish nor fowl from a planning perspective. Though they often operate as a world apart, they are as big and complex as many cities are. Planning them therefore poses a challenge. It's a challenge that San Diego Port CommissionerAnn Moore took on enthusiastically. 

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