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College of San Mateo Loses CEQA Case on Remand

Revised project on campus was a modification -- not a new project -- but First District rules that supplemental EIR was not sufficient.

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Hemet Downtown Plan Taps into History, Mobility

Hemet's new downtown plan follows the city’s 2012 general plan, which calls for "mixed use higher intensity environments that offer opportunities for people to live, work and shop within a compact area.”

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San Diego Can Move Forward With Lifeguard Station

Appellate court overturns trial judge's ruling blocking Mission Beach structure.

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City Deserves Great Deference in Findings on Historic Structure

Coronado bungalow was declared historic even though similar houses weren't, but appellate court says that's the city's decision.

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Master Planned Communities Underway in California

The following is a selection of the largest master planed communities currently underway in California. See accompanying story, Post-Recession, Master Planned Communities Come Back to Life.

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Post-Recession, Master Planned Communities Come Back to Life

With the California economy booming, large-scale master planned communities are back -- but for now long?

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Zoning Changes Aren't One Project For CEQA Purposes

If they can be implemented independently, it's not "piecemealing," Sixth District rules

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Trump Order Reframes Wetlands Regulation

His WOTUS executive order instructs federal agencies to ignore Kennedy's deciding vote on wetlands regulation.

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City Can't Punt on ESHAs in EIR, Supreme Court Rules

Court overturns appellate court in controversial case about Banning Ranch in Newport Beach.

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Insight: Would Gorsuch Overturn the WOTUS Rule?

The Supreme Court nominee takes a narrow view of administrative agencies' power -- but is likely to apply that view in a nonpartisan way.

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Fresno To Get Half Of New SGC Program's Funds

Transformative Climate Communities targets disadvantaged places -- L.A. will get one-quarter of the pot.

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State May Step In To Fair Housing Debate

Santiago bill would backstop federal rule that Trump Administration is likely to dump.

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Ballot Measure Roundup: A Quiet Election Day in California

There were more measures on local ballots in Los Angeles County than there were in the rest of the state combined.

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L.A. Voters Reject Slow-Growth Measure

Voters in the City of Los Angeles resoundingly rejected a ballot measure that would have radically reshaped the city’s approach to planning and influenced the city’s urban fabric for generations.

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Napa County Properly Kept Oak Woodlands Initiative Off Ballot, Court Rules

Measure would have turned voluntary practices into mandatory requirements.

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Coalitions Square Off Over Los Angeles Anti-Growth Measure

Will anti-growth forces upend the Los Angeles growth status quo with Measure S?

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Delisting Process Can Be Used To Challenge Original Species Listing

Delisting petition under California endangered species law not limited to after-listing changes, Supreme Court rules.

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