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Beating the Amazon Con

Amazon isn't worth the price for any city, no matter what.

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Local Rent Control, Stricter Development Requirements Pass On Local Ballots

It's no surprise: Voters want more control at the local level.

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The Social Importance of Public Spaces

In his new book, Eric Klinenberg can't quite decide whether social infrastructure is physical and tangible or whether it's something squishier.

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What's Behind the L.A. Times Housing Numbers?

Region and party make a big difference in why people think California is in crisis on the housing issue.

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Q&A: Ten Years In, SB 375's Impacts Remain Promising but Still Speculative

“California’s SB 375 and the Pursuit of Sustainable and Affordable Development” zeroes in on SB 375’s influence on housing policy and housing production in the state’s four major urban regions.

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California APA Announces 2018 Planning Awards

The California Chapter of the American Planing Association gave out its annual awards at the APA California conference.

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When Does Guidance Become A Threshold?

The Fourth District rules that San Diego County created a significance threshold for GHG emissions -- even though the threshold was supposedly a recommended method never adopted by the county.

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Job Advertisement (extra week/s)

Extend your job ad on CP&DR.com ($20 per extra week)

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November 2018 Land Use Ballot Measures

Five statewide measures and dozens of local measures -- concerning housing production, rent control, local policies, and more -- are on the Nov. 6 ballot

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HCD Using Carrots, Sticks To Get More Housing

Agency is reviewing more housing elements but also providing more planning grants.

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Kavanaugh Misses Oral Argument on Two Major Land-Use Cases

With 4-4 ties looming, court will have to decide whether to rehear cases.

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Scooters Propel Cities Toward New Regulatory Approaches

California jurisdictions welcome scooter companies ... sort of ...

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Q&A: San Diego Environmental Advocate Nicole Captrez Joins SGC

For 20 years, Nicole Capretz has been advocating for environmental justice in the San Diego area, most recently as founder and executive director of the Climate Action Campaign. Capretz is now extending her reach beyond San Diego.

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Insight: What Berkeley Case Tells Us About SB 35

Exemption for historic landmarks could limit law's use in exactly the locations where housing should be built.

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Housing Element EIR Can Use Future Baseline

It's a policy document that accommodates growth rather than inducing it, appellate court says.

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Hollywood Target: CEQA Inside-Out

Appellate Court gives green light to complete half-built project after rejecting plaintiff's CEQA arguments.

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Housing Again Dominates Bills for Brown's Consideration

Like a symphony that starts with the crescendo, this year’s legislative season opened with the introduction of Senator Scot Weiner’s Senate Bill 827

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