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The Urban Strategy 40 Years Later

The frame is different, but Jerry Brown is using climate change to pursue the same goals he laid out in the 1970s.

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Housing Bills Flood Sacramento Again

Two Wiener followups to SB 35 lead the pack.

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Broker's Opinion Doesn't Constitute Substantial Evidence

In the latest urban decay case, an appellate court reinforces an earlier ruling to say that substantial evidence must involved more than merely an expert's "conjecture"

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After 30 Years, Clock Strikes (Net-) Zero for Newhall Ranch Opposition

Acknowledging that the massive project will eventually be construct, most environmental groups agree to strike a deal. But there's still one holdout.

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Condo Association Can Seek Inverse Condemnation Damages

Appellate court overrules lower court in Gold Line Extension case.

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AG Exempt From CEQA Exhaustion Requirement

Attorney General can raise issues in court that aren't in an EIR's administrative record, appellate court rules.

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DOF's Blocking of Post-Redevelopment Funds Could Be Unconstitutional

Related California wasn't a party to a contract among Anaheim agencies to shuffle affordable housing money -- but the developer's third-party status doesn't matter.

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Where's Scott Wiener Coming From?

The housing-focused state senator says the politics of housing have flipped and he's willing to take the heat.

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Solve the Housing Crisis With Carrots As Well As Sticks

Cities need fiscal incentives to approve more housing.

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Insight: The Urban/Rural Politics of Wildfires

Counties are putting more structures in harm's way in wildfires. And nobody wants to pay for it.

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Terminating Sanction Upheld in Wildomar Wal-Mart Case

Appellate court finds CEQA lawyer Cory Briggs engaged in "a calculated attempt to delay" discovery and deposition.

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Sales Office Trumps Warehouses in Sales Tax War

Ontario's redevelopment agency did a deal with a medical supply company. Fontana, San Bernardino, and Lathrop were losers in the process.

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CP&DR's Top Stories of 2017

The California Planning & Development Report's annual roundup of its most popular articles of the year

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OPR Finally Finishes SB 743 Guidelines

VMT will soon replace LOS as standard traffic analysis tool

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Long Beach Plan Gets Sued

Planners thought strategy to protecting wetlands and promoting development was good enough -- but enviros thought otherwise. 

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Be Sure To Designate Your Preferred Alternative!

State Parks EIR overturned because five alternatives were proposed -- but none designated as preferred.

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Environmentalists Score Points on SANDAG Remand

Case not moot, says a divided appellate court panel.

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