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Gentrification On Steroids?

Will oppportunity zones help underserved neighborhoods -- or accelerate gentrification?

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Dollar General: The New Retail Villain

Small communities are fighting the stores, but usually they are allowed by local zoning.

$5.00 Available

Wildfires, Housing Top Gordon's Priorities for Statewide Planning

Newly appointed Executive Director of the Governor's Office of Planning and Research Kate Gordon spoke with CP&DR’s Josh Stephens about her transition into the public sector as California’s de facto chief planner.

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Sacramento Gets Tough Around Light-Rail Stops

City bans auto-oriented uses such as fast-food and auto repair establishments.

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The Real CEQA Reform

Exemptions and ministerial processes are changing CEQA practice, end-running the law.

$5.00 Available

Newsom Proposes Major Housing Package

Impact on local government could be huge.

$5.00 Available

Details of the Governor's Housing Package

Major reforms of RHNA process and housing element enforcement are proposed.

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Legal Briefs

Legal Briefs for January 13, 2019

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Infill Exemption Upheld for 8-Unit Project

St. Helena neighbors fail to stop project.

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McKinley Village Project Moves Forward

In unpublished ruling, appellate court green-lights use of LOS F for infill project in Sacramento.

$5.00 Available

The Land-Use Legacy of Jerry Brown

Brown should also be remembered as a land-use governor par excellence who was willing to take political heat for projects that may not pay off for the public for years or even decades, writes Morris Newman

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Yet More Detail for EIRs

Cal Supremes require stronger connection between air quality and health in Friant Ranch EIR.

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State Law Prevails Over Slow-Growth Vote in Encinitas

Judge keeps ordering Encinitas to prepare new housing element, but voters keep shooting it down.

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You Can't Sue Over Policies They Haven't Violated Yet

Plumas enviros may be suspicious of the county's general plan policies, but that's not enough to win.

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School Fee Study Flunks The Test

Campbell developer gets $499,000 refund.

$5.00 Available

Lay Comments on Aesthetics Trigger EIR

In another Dollar General case, appellate court also says historic review is not a substitute for CEQA.

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CP&DR's Top Stories of 2018

Senate Bill 827 gets its own category in CP&DR's annual list of its most-read stories

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