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New Leader Shakes Up San Diego Regional Planning

New leadership seeks to revamp embattled Regional Transportation Plan for the San Diego Association of Governments -- and it could have statewide implications for SB375 planning

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Truckee to Transform Downtown with Railyard Redevelopment

Mountain town of Truckee will double the size of its downtown, redeveloping a railyard -- while keeping an active train

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Ellis Act Dictates CEQA Baseline

A vacant Hollywood apartment building can't be analyzed as if it were still occupied, court rules.

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San Diego County's Approval Of 40-Acre Lots Is Thrown Out

Appellate court concludes that subdivision was just a residential development in disguise and therefore in violation of the Williamson Act.

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Hesperia Beats Special District On Solar Control

Lake Arrowhead CSD had argued that state law pre-empted local land-use authority over a proposed solar panel project. The Court of Appeal disagreed.

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SB 375 Environmental Review Upheld

Broad ruling in Sacramento case gives cities great lattitude in approving infill projects.

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State Begins To Push SB 2 Planning Money Out The Door

Application process is easy for $123 million in noncompetitive grants for housing planning projects.

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Streamlining the Housing Element System

Recent legislation focuses on beefing up the housing element process, but how can California make sure that better housing elements actually lead to more housing?

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Newsom's Budget Includes Fines to Spur Housing

Gov. Gavin Newsom allocated $2.7 billion for housing and homelessness — the most ever in a California budget — and policies to prod cities into complying with RHNA

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How Will The Knick Ruling Affect California Planning?

More local land-use cases may land in federal court -- and local planners still aren't sure what constitutes a taking.

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Is The End of Zoning Near

And if so, will cities -- and their citizens -- still find ways to restrain the private real estate market?

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Raft of Housing, Land Use Bills Remain Alive in Legislature

California lawmakers advanced an estimated 200 housing-related bills, many of which have advanced out of their houses of origin as of the May 31 deadline.

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Martinez Wins APA Award for Promotion of Environmental Justice in National City

Carolina Martinez, in conjunction with Paradise Creek Partnership, received one of five 2019 Excellence Awards from the American Planning Association.

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Legal Settlement Enables St. Helena to Embrace Density in General Plan

Battle over eight-unit apartment building yields to adoption of St. Helena General Plan update

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Tahoe Uses Big Data To Tackle Transportation Problems

Guess what? Congestion is way worse than previous estimates suggested. But Big Data may help find the solutiosn too.

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Will Slow Population Growth Help Housing Affordability?

Population growth has fallen off a cliff, while housing production is steady. But housing prices are still through the roof.

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