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Insight: What Berkeley Case Tells Us About SB 35

Exemption for historic landmarks could limit law's use in exactly the locations where housing should be built.

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Housing Element EIR Can Use Future Baseline

It's a policy document that accommodates growth rather than inducing it, appellate court says.

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Hollywood Target: CEQA Inside-Out

Appellate Court gives green light to complete half-built project after rejecting plaintiff's CEQA arguments.

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Housing Again Dominates Bills for Brown's Consideration

Like a symphony that starts with the crescendo, this year’s legislative season opened with the introduction of Senator Scot Weiner’s Senate Bill 827

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Insight: The State Gets Tough On Housing Elements

Two important bills would make important methodology changes. And HCD is cracking down on enforcement.

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Opportunity Zones Look Promising For California

But will investors do what cities need them to do?

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Temporary Zoning-GP Inconsistency Is OK, Cal Supremes Rule

Referendum that repeals zoning ordinance cannot be knocked off the ballot of a city has the ability to quickly reconcile the inconsistency.

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Development Agreements Can't Be Passed By Initiative

Appellate court says negotiation with local government is an essential part of the process.

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SPUR Head Metcalf Bids Farewell to Transformed, Challenged Bay Area

SPUR's Gabe Metcalf recently announced his departure for The Committee for Sydney

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San Francisco Breaks New Ground on Accessory Units

But can S.F.'s lessons be translated to other cities?

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"Fact-Based Comments" Carry The Day In Fremont

Objections to townhome project were not just opinion, appellate court rules -- thus opening the way for an environmental impact report.

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SLO County Vineyard Well Permits Don't Require CEQA Analysis

In a blow to enviromentalists, appellate court says groundwater supply issues must be dealt with under state groundwater act, not well permits designed to deal with water quality.

$5.00 Available

Nothing Unusual About Diablo Canyon

Berkeley Hillside rule doesn't apply to nuke plant's lease extension.

$5.00 Available

Justice Kavanaugh's Strike Zone

How the Supreme Court nominee interprets the Endangered Species Act is likely to have a profound impact on land-use patterns in California.

$5.00 Available

State of Resistance

Manuel Pastor reminds us of how much California has changed.

$5.00 Available

Regions Contemplate New, Tougher Carbon Emissions Targets

Air Resources Board lowers 2035 targets by a percentage point, or more, for many MPOs

$5.00 Available

Suit Attacks Greenhouse Gas Scoping Plan in Name of Social Justice

A coalition of civil rights groups is suing the Air Resources Board, claiming its 2017 greenhouse gas reduction Scoping Plan will impede development of housing

$5.00 Available
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