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Judge Says SB 330 Applies To Referendums

Though not a precedent, the case shoots down voter rejection of housing project in Oceanside.

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California Cities Cut Parking Requirements

Cities across California are eliminating parking minimums in order to reduce automobile dependency and promote better urban design. The state legislature is getting in on the act too.

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Where Is California's Population Really Declining?

It's no surprise that the inland areas are still growing. But the big shocker is that the Bay Area is hanging on -- and L.A. is not.

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Short-Term Vacation Rental Regulation Subject To Coastal Act

In a case from Santa Barbara, an appellate court ruled that such regulations are a "development" that must be dealt with in the Local Coastal Plan or through a Coastal Development Permit.

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El Dorado Ballot Measure Conflicts With General Plan

Court also concludes the requirement calling for all roads to be built before any private development is constructed runs afoul of the Nollan/Dolan doctrine.

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Napa Quarry Wins Appellate Court Approval After 13 Years

Methdological differences are not CEQA issues, court rules.

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Surplus Land Act Upends Public Agency Development Plans

Transit agencies say guidelines intended to encourage affordable housing may actually stifle affordable development.

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SB 35 Upheld By Appellate Court

First District says SB 35 doesn't interfere with local powers and trumps Berkeley's historic preservation law regarding the West Berkeley Shellmound.

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A $4 Million Fine On A 5-Foot Easement

Appellate court rejects all of a Malibu property owners arguments in dispute over a gate and structure located on a Coastal Conservancy easement.

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The Upside-Down Political Reaction to Biden's Zoning Reform

Progressives who have long protected community power over developers are praising Biden's proposed new program, while Republicans are calling it a war on the suburbs.

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Updated Cal EnviroScreen Will Improve State's EJ Efforts

The new database will help cities and counties with their environmental justice elements for their general plans, as required by SB 1000.

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Landowner Wins Takings Victory In Santa Barbara

Flat denial of blufftop house meant the "futility exception" was in play. Cost to the city: $3.4 million and counting.

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Aggie Square Project Battles Gentrification Concerns

Billion-dollar UC Davis project will be located adjacent to Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood. Residents have filed a CEQA lawsuit, while the city has committed 20% of EIFD money to affordable housing.

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Ending Single-Family Zoning Is Only Step One

For Sacramento and Berkeley, the hard part is still coming: How to create a development code that will encourage rather than block other small-scale housing products.

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Proposed Legislation Would Give Cities Fewer Excuses for Blocking Housing

The California Legislature has come roaring back in 2021 with a whole new set of bills affecting planning and development.

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A 35-Year Battle In Pismo Beach

In the latest skirmish over Los Padres Del Mar -- 10 years after the city approved the project for the second time -- an appellate court has ruled that Pismo and the developer do not have to pay LAFCO's attorneys fees.

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How Berkeley Will Move Away From Single-Family Zoning

The council vote was unanimous, but now comes the hard part: Implementing an upzoning in a city with strong homeowner advocacy and fire-prone hillside neighborhoods.

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