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A Year Like No Other

The pandemic, racial injustice, an end to California's population growth -- has California planning ever seen a year like this before?

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Ballot Measure Puts San Mateo In Housing Quandry

Peninsula city must meet ambitious RHNA target -- but passage of Measure Y maintains current height and density standards with little flexibility.

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CEQA At 50

The law has proven stubbornly resistant to reform. But cities and other lead agencies are learning how to end-run the whole process.

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SCAG Sees Revolt Against RHNA Allocations

60% of Orange County cities challenge their targets, which are much higher than last time around

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Fresno County Must Throw Out Friant Ranch Approvals

In followup to 2018 Cal Supremes ruling, appellate court rejects "partial decertification" of EIR.

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Fort Ord Project Moves Forward Without Redevelopment Funds

1,000 homes have been built but appellate court rules county cannot use leftover redevelopment funds for public amenities.

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No Matter How You Calculate It, We Need A Lot Of Housing

Does the Embarcadero Institute's push to lower the state's housing need from 2 million to 1 million really change anything?

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How Much Housing Does California Need?

Embarcadero Institute says RHNA numbers are too high and the state should focus on affordable housing. The truth is we need both: more housing and more affordable housing.

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Wildfire Danger, Housing Needs Collide on Urban Fringe

Already an epic-scale tragedy, California's wildfires--consuming a record 4 million acres this year--are effectively shrinking the amount of land available for housing and prompting planners to make tough choices between growth and safety.

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Local Voters Around State Reject Development

In the 20 or so cities where growth and development was on the ballot, voters mostly sided with anti-development forces. San Diego and Monterey Park were the exceptions.

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20 Cities To Deal With Land Use Issues on Ballot

Affordable housing, extension of vote requirements, several development projects all on ballots around the state

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What If California Stops Growing?

The population is going down for the first time ever. But California planning -- and its entire local government structure -- is based on the assumption of growth.

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Trump Judges Begin To Influence California Land Use

Based on the new judges' dissent, an important San Francisco property "takings" case may be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court

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Housing and Storage Find Common Ground

Storage and housing facilities in urban areas are often seen is competing with one another. But Public Storage and Alta Housing joined forces to push seven-story project through in Mountain View.

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New RTP/SCS Documents Must Grapple With More Housing

Southern California and Bay Area MPOs must get more aggressive to meet RHNA goals and SB 375 goals.

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Newsom Signs Housing and Planning Bills

Most involve incremental change, however, as major zoning reform bills all failed.

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