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Sales Office Trumps Warehouses in Sales Tax War

Ontario's redevelopment agency did a deal with a medical supply company. Fontana, San Bernardino, and Lathrop were losers in the process.

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CP&DR's Top Stories of 2017

The California Planning & Development Report's annual roundup of its most popular articles of the year

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OPR Finally Finishes SB 743 Guidelines

VMT will soon replace LOS as standard traffic analysis tool

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Long Beach Plan Gets Sued

Planners thought strategy to protecting wetlands and promoting development was good enough -- but enviros thought otherwise. 

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Be Sure To Designate Your Preferred Alternative!

State Parks EIR overturned because five alternatives were proposed -- but none designated as preferred.

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Environmentalists Score Points on SANDAG Remand

Case not moot, says a divided appellate court panel.

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Four Land Use Measures Appear on Local Ballots

After the intensity of the last few election cycle — nationally and locally -- if ever there was an off-year election, November 7 was it

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State's Economic Strategy Pinches Pennies, Ignores Dollars

Despite a budget deficit so large that it triggered the first gubernatorial recall in California history, the administration of Gov. Gray Davis has shown scant interest in stimulating the economy. But with the chaos in Sacramento - and the fact that elected officials have a smaller and smaller role to play in actually shaping the state's budget - it may be that no California governor can devise an effective economic development strategy.

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Get Those Annual Progress Reports Ready

New planning funding will depend on up-to-date general plan reports, HCD director says

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Legal Digest: Always Sue The Right Agency!

A property owner who claimed that the San Diego County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan resulted in a taking of property sued the wrong agencies, the Fourth District Court of Appeal has ruled.

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Redondo Beach Expresses Mixed Feelings about Mixed-Use

Twenty-five years after adopting a mixed-use ordinance, the city puts a two-year moratorium on such projects.

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Legal Briefs: Oct 15, 2017

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Insight: The CEQA End-Run

Affordable Housing, Berkeley, CEQA, San Francisco, Santa Cruz
Forget comprehensive CEQA reform. In Sacramento and cities across California, the end-run is the thing.

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Land Use Legislation Roundup 2017

Given the number of housing bills that the legislature and governor focus on this session, it’s a wonder that they got anything else done. Nonetheless, they passed more than 50 laws related to land use this session.

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Legal Briefs Oct 15, 2017

Legal Briefs for Oct 15, 2017

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Nothing Unusual About Telegraph Hill

Appellate case upholds CEQA exemption for condo project.

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Four Takeaways From This Year's Housing Bills

What does all that legislative activity add up to?

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