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The Rise of Zoomtowns

Throughout California and beyond, distant suburbs and resort towns are seeing a surge in population -- and home sales. But will the trend stick after the pandemic?

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Will Biden Reverse The Trump Legacy on Cities and Development

A lifetime urban dweller, Donald Trump was an anti-city president. Biden is a lifelong Amtrak rider -- and California urban planning is likely to change with him at the helm.

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Newsom's Proposed Budget Includes Enforcement of Local Housing Goals

Housing accountability unit will help local governments but also keep an eye on them.

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Livable California Wins Procedural Victory

Appellate court says citizen group can proceed with Brown Act lawsuit against ABAG regarding CASA Compact approval.

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Redwood City Can Transfer Redevelopment Housing Funds

Appellate court overturns decision favoring Department of Finance.

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Senate Housing Bills Are Back

Also on the legislative docket: Bills to restrict development in wildfire areas.

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Laguna Beach Homeowner Must Tear Down Seawall

The property owners undertook a major renovation -- apparently beyond what the Coastal Development Permit allowed -- with city permits but without out telling the Coastal Commission.

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A Year Like No Other

The pandemic, racial injustice, an end to California's population growth -- has California planning ever seen a year like this before?

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Ballot Measure Puts San Mateo In Housing Quandry

Peninsula city must meet ambitious RHNA target -- but passage of Measure Y maintains current height and density standards with little flexibility.

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CEQA At 50

The law has proven stubbornly resistant to reform. But cities and other lead agencies are learning how to end-run the whole process.

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SCAG Sees Revolt Against RHNA Allocations

60% of Orange County cities challenge their targets, which are much higher than last time around

$5.00 Available

Fresno County Must Throw Out Friant Ranch Approvals

In followup to 2018 Cal Supremes ruling, appellate court rejects "partial decertification" of EIR.

$5.00 Available

Fort Ord Project Moves Forward Without Redevelopment Funds

1,000 homes have been built but appellate court rules county cannot use leftover redevelopment funds for public amenities.

$5.00 Available

No Matter How You Calculate It, We Need A Lot Of Housing

Does the Embarcadero Institute's push to lower the state's housing need from 2 million to 1 million really change anything?

$5.00 Available

How Much Housing Does California Need?

Embarcadero Institute says RHNA numbers are too high and the state should focus on affordable housing. The truth is we need both: more housing and more affordable housing.

$5.00 Available

Wildfire Danger, Housing Needs Collide on Urban Fringe

Already an epic-scale tragedy, California's wildfires--consuming a record 4 million acres this year--are effectively shrinking the amount of land available for housing and prompting planners to make tough choices between growth and safety.

$5.00 Available

Local Voters Around State Reject Development

In the 20 or so cities where growth and development was on the ballot, voters mostly sided with anti-development forces. San Diego and Monterey Park were the exceptions.

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