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HCD's New "Prohousing" Designation

The designation will give "prohousing" jurisdictions a leg up on some housing grant programs. But will it fundamentally change how any cities approach the housing question?

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Legal Briefs: Cal Supremes Won't Take SB 35 Case

The high court's ruling appears to clear the way for construction of a 260-unit apartment building in the Spengler's parking lot in Berkeley.

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Summer Book Roundup, 2021

A bumper crop of books related to California urbanism came out during the pandemic; Josh Stephens reviews titles about the Central Valley, San Diego history, Los Angeles pop culture, and more.

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Another CEQA Loss For UC Berkeley

In ruling about new building, trial judge says UC can't "analyze an increase in student enrollment without admitting that increasing student enrollment is a project subject to review."

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California's Long-Running Land Use Stalemates

Endless process is a regular feature of California land use and infrastructure. Here's a rundown of our favorite stalemates -- and a request that you provide us with your own!

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Lesser Streamlining Act Notice Is Sufficient

Coastal Act, Mobile Homes, Permit Streamlining Act, San Juan Capistrano
Court Upholds "Deemed Approved" Status for Mobile Home Expansions in San Juan Capistrano.

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CP&DR Podcast: The California-New Urbanism Connection with Rick Cole

Rick Cole, the consummate California urbanist, is the new executive director of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

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Supreme Court Makes Takings Cases Easier

In a case from San Francisco, high court punches another hole in the Williamson County doctrine.

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San Diego, Sacramento See Surge in Multi-Family

During the pandemic year, apartments and condominiums in those two markets surged. Everywhere else, housing permits went down.

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Housing and Parking Bills Move Forward

Bills to allow "plexes" and apartments near transit by right move forward, as does bill to eliminate parking requirements near transit.

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The Plex Paradox

CP&DR webinar highlights nuts-and-bolts of how cities will deal with eliminating single-family zoning. The panel was co-sponsored by the Terner Center and California APA.

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Another CEQA-In-Reverse Case

Appellate court strikes down CEQA challenge on bridge project, saying the impact of wildfire safety issues on the project isn't a topic of analysis.

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E-Commerce Boom Leads To Warehouse Moratoriums

Amid pressure from community groups, Inland Empire cities reconsider benefits of big warehouses.

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Growth War In San Benito County

Major auto testing and technology center likely to move forward -- even though the plan has been shot down by the voters once.

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The Google Deal

In exchange for vested rights from the City of San Jose, Google has committed to an unprecedented investment in infrastructure, affordable housing, and community benefits.

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Judge Says Assisted Living Project Is Subject to Housing Accountability Act

Simi Valley may appel superior Court ruling on 108-unit project, claiming it is a commercial enterprise not a residential use.

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Land Use Gets Share of $100 Billion Budget Increase in May Revise

An estimated $100 billion windfall yields generous proposed investments in land use in Gov. Newsom's May Revise

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