Will Exactions Survive the Supreme Court?
$29.00 4 Sections 4 Lessons

Taught by former San Diego Planning Director and longtime planing commentator, Bill Fulton,
AICP, this course covers the history of exactions and how the pending Supreme Court case on
exactions could, known as the Sheetz case, could dramatically affect planning practice. It covers
the history of the Nollan/Dolan doctrine, which creates limits on exactions that can be imposed
on developers, and dicusses implications for planning practice depending on how the Supreme
Court rules in Sheetz. The course is designed to:
1. Ground practicing planners in the legal history and concepts behind exactions.
2. Help planners understand the legal limits to exactions under current law.
3. Prepare practicing planners for possible changes that could result from the Supreme
Court’s pending ruling in the Sheetz case.

Eligible for 1.0 AICP CM credit (Law).

RHNA and Housing Elements: The Basics and Current Issues
$29.00 4 Sections 4 Lessons

In this one-hour course eligible for AICP CM Law credit, Bill Fulton goes over the basics of California's Regional Housing Needs Allocation process and Housing Elements, as well as current issues such as builder's remedy, site inventories, and pending litigation.

California's Major Land Use Housing Laws
$29.00 4 Sections 4 Lessons

A one-hour AICP CM law class that provides an overview of California's recent land use / housing laws, including the Housing Accountability Act, the Density Bonus Law, SB 330, SB 35, and other important laws.