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How Will The Knick Ruling Affect California Planning?

More local land-use cases may land in federal court -- and local planners still aren't sure what constitutes a taking.

$5.00 Available

Is The End of Zoning Near

And if so, will cities -- and their citizens -- still find ways to restrain the private real estate market?

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Raft of Housing, Land Use Bills Remain Alive in Legislature

California lawmakers advanced an estimated 200 housing-related bills, many of which have advanced out of their houses of origin as of the May 31 deadline.

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Martinez Wins APA Award for Promotion of Environmental Justice in National City

Carolina Martinez, in conjunction with Paradise Creek Partnership, received one of five 2019 Excellence Awards from the American Planning Association.

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Legal Settlement Enables St. Helena to Embrace Density in General Plan

Battle over eight-unit apartment building yields to adoption of St. Helena General Plan update

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Tahoe Uses Big Data To Tackle Transportation Problems

Guess what? Congestion is way worse than previous estimates suggested. But Big Data may help find the solutiosn too.

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Will Slow Population Growth Help Housing Affordability?

Population growth has fallen off a cliff, while housing production is steady. But housing prices are still through the roof.

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Alameda Loses Impact Fee Battle

City can't count cost of aquiring land it already obtained for free from the Navy.

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Huntington Park Loses Charter School Zoning Fight

Appellate court rules that "inquiries" are not enough to meet threshold to impose a moratorium.

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Committee Chair Refuses to Hold Vote on Housing Bill SB 50

The polarizing Senate Bill 50, which would have increased densities in many urban areas, is put on hold until 2020

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Newsom Proposes Shift of Housing Funds

Revised budget would focus on Infill Infrastructure Grant program rather than rewarding cities for meeting housing production goals.

$5.00 Available

Congestion Pricing and High Home Prices on L.A.'s Westside

First annual Luskin Summit highlights the intricate web of problems in the area on both transportation and housing.

$5.00 Available

Most L.A. Residents Have Considered Moving Because of Housing Prices

Both PPIC and UCLA surveys confirm the result.

$5.00 Available

Cal Supremes Uphold Local Telecom Ordinance

Cities can't stop telecommunication facilities from using the public way, but they can regulate what they look like and where they are.

$5.00 Available

Marin Quarry's Non-Conforming Status Prevents Expansion

CEQA, Marin County, Non-conforming use, Quarry, San Rafael, Zoning Court says lack of additional environmental impacts are irrelevant in non-conforming situation

$5.00 Available

Inland Growth Exceeds Coastal Growth At Last

More people have been added to the inland population since 2015 than to the coastal population. That's the first time that's ever happened.

$5.00 Available

Updated CEQA Guidelines Finally Go Into Effect

SB 743 regulations are the highest of the latest update, six years in the making.

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