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New General Plan Trumps Old Specific Plan, Cal Supremes Rule

City of Orange never incorporated old land use designation into new general plan -- and referendum killing housing project stands.

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California APA Chapter Launches Pro Bono Assistance

The California Chapter of the American Planning Association recently launched a program to help needy communities.

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General Plan Policy Not Sufficient For Insignificance

Meeting established thresholds under CEQA still not enough to satisfy appellate court.

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Revamp of Fresno Plans, Zoning Code Aims to Create "Next Great American Downtown"

Will this time be the charm for one of California's most eternally troubled central business districts?

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Land Use Ballot Measure Results, Nov. 2016

Growth boundaries win, Chargers lose, activists in Santa Monica lose, rent control splits.

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Financial Recovery, Dissolution of Redevelopment Mark McKenzie's Career at Helm of League of Cities

Chris McKenzie recently announced his retirement as executive director of the League of California Cities. He spoke with CP&DR about his 17-year tenure. >>read more

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Insight: Bifurcated California

There are two Californias: The dense one and the sprawling one. Can they get along?

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SGC Criticized On Scoring for Senior Projects

Applications reclassified from "apartments" to "retirement community" for GHG reduction analysis.

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Mello Funds Can Replace General Tax Revenue

"Increased demand" from new development meets legal requirement.

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California Voters Face Bumper Crop of Land Use Ballot Measures

More than 50 ballot measures around state deal with growth, transportation, parks.

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Future Redevelopment Housing Setaside Payments Can't Be Honored

3d district sounds weary in rejecting housing advocates' arguments.

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SGC Staff Proposes Funding $289 Million in Projects

Almost $100 goes to Bay Area, $76 million to SCAG

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Obama Toolkit Takes Cues From California

Administration's menu of policy options for housing development contains many familiar ideas.

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Legal Briefs

New cases on monks printing books in the woods and nude dancing in San Diego.

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Courts Can Withhold Disputed Redevelopment Funds

The state is prevented from doing so by Prop. 22 -- but judges are not.

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Coastal Act Trumps Density Bonus Act

Neighborhood character in Venice was a legitimate coastal issue, appellate court rules.

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Legislative Roundup: Brown Embraces Housing Bills Large and Small

CP&DR's rundown of land use legislation passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Brown in the 2016 session: "granny flats," density bonuses, and climate change regulations prevail.

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