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Landowner Wins Takings Victory In Santa Barbara

Flat denial of blufftop house meant the "futility exception" was in play. Cost to the city: $3.4 million and counting.

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Aggie Square Project Battles Gentrification Concerns

Billion-dollar UC Davis project will be located adjacent to Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood. Residents have filed a CEQA lawsuit, while the city has committed 20% of EIFD money to affordable housing.

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Ending Single-Family Zoning Is Only Step One

For Sacramento and Berkeley, the hard part is still coming: How to create a development code that will encourage rather than block other small-scale housing products.

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Proposed Legislation Would Give Cities Fewer Excuses for Blocking Housing

The California Legislature has come roaring back in 2021 with a whole new set of bills affecting planning and development.

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A 35-Year Battle In Pismo Beach

In the latest skirmish over Los Padres Del Mar -- 10 years after the city approved the project for the second time -- an appellate court has ruled that Pismo and the developer do not have to pay LAFCO's attorneys fees.

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How Berkeley Will Move Away From Single-Family Zoning

The council vote was unanimous, but now comes the hard part: Implementing an upzoning in a city with strong homeowner advocacy and fire-prone hillside neighborhoods.

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SCAG Shoots Down RHNA Appeals

Except for two minor adjustments, all cities lose their appeals. Half of Orange County cities appealed.

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Sacramento Moves Forward With Abolishing Single-Family Zoning

Council has taken first vote, but it will be several more months at least before the new policy allowing up to four units on every parcel is formally adopted.

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San Jose Violated CEQA Notification Rule, But ...

... There's no remedy in the law when a lead agency fails to notify an interested party, even though it's against the law.

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How SB 35 and AB 1763 Pushed Through An Affordable Housing Project

In Marin City, a clever developer is building a project double the allowed size with very little parking and few other amenities -- and the county couldn't do anything to stop it.

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Marin City Opposes SB 35 Project

Marin County is elite, but Marin City is not. Yet that's where the county's first SB 35 project is going.

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The Rise of Zoomtowns

Throughout California and beyond, distant suburbs and resort towns are seeing a surge in population -- and home sales. But will the trend stick after the pandemic?

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Will Biden Reverse The Trump Legacy on Cities and Development

A lifetime urban dweller, Donald Trump was an anti-city president. Biden is a lifelong Amtrak rider -- and California urban planning is likely to change with him at the helm.

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Newsom's Proposed Budget Includes Enforcement of Local Housing Goals

Housing accountability unit will help local governments but also keep an eye on them.

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Livable California Wins Procedural Victory

Appellate court says citizen group can proceed with Brown Act lawsuit against ABAG regarding CASA Compact approval.

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Redwood City Can Transfer Redevelopment Housing Funds

Appellate court overturns decision favoring Department of Finance.

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Senate Housing Bills Are Back

Also on the legislative docket: Bills to restrict development in wildfire areas.

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Laguna Beach Homeowner Must Tear Down Seawall

The property owners undertook a major renovation -- apparently beyond what the Coastal Development Permit allowed -- with city permits but without out telling the Coastal Commission.

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