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How Will SB 9 Affect Planning in California?

It ends single-family zoning and clips the wings of local governments. But the bottom line is probably thousands of units, not hundreds of thousands of units.

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Most Housing Bills Make It To Newsom's Desk

If the governor signs them all, it could represent another big shift in state-local relations on housing.

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Appellate Court Upholds HAA's Objective Design Standards

Reversing lower court, First District rules San Mateo's "stepback" requirement was not specific enough and required discretion to apply.

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California Is Densifying

New Census analysis shows that all metro areas across the state are increasing their densities.

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San Diego Judge Says Housing Element Law Doesn't Pre-Empt Local Initiative

Latest decision in long-running Encinitas housing element battle is sure to be appealed.

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Frustrated Appellate Court Says Parking Is Not An Environmental Impact

In ruling on San Gabriel Mountains case, justice says repeatedly: “It is not the project’s ‘impacts on parking’ that matter; it is the impact of the project’s reduced parking on the environment that matters.”

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ABAG Grapples With RHNA Appeals

As with SCAG, Bay Area jurisdictions are appealing their housing targets in large numbers. Unsurprisingly, the most challengers are coming from Marin County.

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Inside the Huntington Beach Housing Case

In turning down a 48-unit condominium project near Beach Boulevard, did Huntington Beach violate the Housing Accountability Act's requirement that findings be based on objective standards? Or will a fire expert's 11th-hour conclusion that one standard was violated be enough to save the city's case?

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Judge Upholds L.A.'s Transit-Oriented Communities Guidelines

Additional incentives on two Westside projects don't exceed Planning Department's power under Measure JJJ.

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Are Blacks Getting Crowded Out?

Census data shows that Blacks are leaving the metropolitan core for the periphery -- but it's less clear whether white gentrification is the reason.

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Prohousing Designation Sets "A High Bar" for Cities

CP&DR spoke with HCD Director Gustavo Velasquez about whether the new Prohousing program can turn jurisdictions that are anti-housing into pro-housing communities.

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HCD's New "Prohousing" Designation

The designation will give "prohousing" jurisdictions a leg up on some housing grant programs. But will it fundamentally change how any cities approach the housing question?

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Legal Briefs: Cal Supremes Won't Take SB 35 Case

The high court's ruling appears to clear the way for construction of a 260-unit apartment building in the Spengler's parking lot in Berkeley.

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Summer Book Roundup, 2021

A bumper crop of books related to California urbanism came out during the pandemic; Josh Stephens reviews titles about the Central Valley, San Diego history, Los Angeles pop culture, and more.

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Another CEQA Loss For UC Berkeley

In ruling about new building, trial judge says UC can't "analyze an increase in student enrollment without admitting that increasing student enrollment is a project subject to review."

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California's Long-Running Land Use Stalemates

Endless process is a regular feature of California land use and infrastructure. Here's a rundown of our favorite stalemates -- and a request that you provide us with your own!

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Lesser Streamlining Act Notice Is Sufficient

Coastal Act, Mobile Homes, Permit Streamlining Act, San Juan Capistrano
Court Upholds "Deemed Approved" Status for Mobile Home Expansions in San Juan Capistrano.

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