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REAP 2.0: $600 Million To Locals For SCS Implementation

Grants, Infill Development, MPOs, REAP, SB 375, SCAG


SCAG Shoots Down RHNA Appeals

Housing, RHNA, SCAG, South Pasadena


SCAG Sees Revolt Against RHNA Allocations

Housing, Newport Beach, Orange County, RHNA, San Dimas, SCAG


Q&A: SCAG President Rex Richardson Calls for Antiracist Regional Planning

Black Lives Matter, Equity, Housing, Racism, Regional Planning, SCAG


Podcast: SCAG President Rex Richardson on Regional Planning and Social Equity

Equity, Regional Planning, SCAG, Social Justice


SCAG Shifts Housing Burden to Coastal Cities



Southern California Balks at Aggressive Housing Numbers; SANDAG Cities Fight over Allocation

HCD, Housing, RHNA, SCAG


Freeway Caps May Reshape California Urban Areas

Caltrans, Freeways, Glendale, Los Angeles, Oakland, Santa Monica, SCAG, Ventura


Southern California Adopts $524 Billion Regional Plan (Updated)

California, SB 375, SCAG


SCAG Members Join Hands Over Draft SCS

California, SB 375, SCAG

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