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Will The Blue Line Extension Transform San Diego?

Rail, San Diego, TOD


Sacramento Gets Tough Around Light-Rail Stops

Public Transit, Sacramento, TOD, Zoning


Oakland Study Touts Benefits of Community-Oriented Transit Oriented Development

Oakland, Public Transit, TOD


New Light Rail Line Opens Up World of TOD Possibilities

Infill development, Local Watch, Los Angeles County, Public Transit, TOD, Transportation, Vol. 27 No. 7, July 2012


TOD Advocacy Keeps Chugging Along

California, Public Transit , TOD, Transit Oriented Development


Transit Woes Threaten to Undercut Regional Sustainability Plans

California, Climate change, Featured Articles, Josh Stephens, Public Transit, SB 375, TOD, Transportation, Vol. 25, No. 10, May 18-31, 2010


Transit Crisis Could Halt Infill Development Momentum

California, Paul Shigley, Public Transit , TOD


Conference Introduces The Vertical, Transit-Oriented L.A.

Los Angeles, Public Transit, TOD


Transit-Oriented High-Rise Project Advances In Union City

Alameda County, Infill development, Paul Shigley, Public Transit, Redevelopment Watch, TOD, Vol. 22 No. 03 Mar 2007


Thoughts On California's Transit-Oriented Development

Public Transit, TOD, Vol. 21 No. 06 Jun 2006

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