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Legal Briefs

Adult Businesses, CEQA


From Shanghai to Westchester: LAX Caught between Local, Global Forces

Airports, CEQA, LA Metro, LAWA, LAX


Cal Supremes Give Lead Agencies Deference On "New" v. "Modified" Projects

California Supreme Court, CEQA


Wal-Mart's Green Recycling Doesn't Require CEQA Analysis

CEQA, Ceres, Recycling, Wal-Mart


Legal Briefs: CEQA-In-Reverse Affirmed on Remand



When Is An Historic Railroad Trestle Not Historic?

CEQA, San Jose


Forward Into The Past

Ballot Measures, CEQA


Court Shoots Down Urban Decay CEQA Argument

CEQA, Joshua Tree, San Bernardino County, Urban Decay


Time To Tackle California's Housing Problem

CEQA, Housing, Jerry Brown


CEQA Catch-22 From Ukiah

CEQA, Ukiah

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