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Home Denied CEQA Infill Exemption for Being ‘Unusually Large'

Alameda County, California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, Infill, Legal Digest, Vol. 27, No. 4 April 2012


2011 Precedent-Setting Cases in Land Use Law

California, California Land Use Law, CEQA


Is the NBA the New RDA?

Anaheim Royals, CEQA, Josh Stephens, Redevelopment, Sacramento County, Sacramento Kings


A Punching Bag Called Local Government

California, CEQA, Paul Shigley, Redevelopment, SB 375


Pitfalls and Promise In Downtown L.A. Stadium

CEQA, Los Angeles County, Paul Shigley, stadiums


Beaumont Development Scores Victory Despite Impact To Agricultural Land

California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, Farmland, Legal Digest, Riverside County, Vol. 25 No. 24 Dec 16, 2010, Water, William W. Abbott


Religious School Must Abide by CEQA

California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, First Amendment, Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Religious land uses, Vol. 25 No. 21 Nov 1 2010, William W. Abbott


Legislation Roundup 2010: Budget Crisis Overshadows Land Use Laws

California, California Budget, California Legislation, CEQA, Josh Stephens, Legislation, Legislation, Vol. 25, No. 19 Oct. 1 2010


Two Years Of Nothing At The Capitol

California, California Legislation, CEQA, Paul Shigley, state budget, water


Walmart-Friendly CEQA Bill Advances

California Legislation, CEQA, Paul Shigley

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