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The Story Behind The Berkeley Enrollment Freeze -- And What It Means For Planning

Berkeley, CEQA, University of California


Specific Plan CEQA Exemption Helps Push Newark Project Through

CEQA, Endangered Species, Housing, Newark, Sea Level Rise, Specific Plans, Wetlands


Lake County's Reverse-Reverse-CEQA Case

CEQA, Lake County, Wildfire


CP&DR's Top Stories Of 2021

CEQA, COVID-19, Housing, TopStories


Legal Briefs, November 9, 2021

CEQA, Development Agreements, Hollister, San Benito County, Yolo County


Costco Gas Station Opponents Confront The Infill Exemption

CEQA, Costco, Infill, Tustin


Frustrated Appellate Court Says Parking Is Not An Environmental Impact

CEQA, Parking, San Gabriel Mountains


Another CEQA Loss For UC Berkeley

Baseline, Berkeley, CEQA, University of California


Another CEQA-In-Reverse Case

CEQA, El Dorado County, Newtown


Napa Quarry Wins Appellate Court Approval After 13 Years

CEQA, Napa County

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