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CEQA Reform Bill Passes Key Assembly Committee



Expo Line Case Tells the Tale: CEQA Gets More Complicated Again



Can Parking Changes Get CEQA Reform To The Finish Line?



Steinberg's CEQA and Redevelopment Bills Move Forward

CEQA, Redevelopment


Insight: Infill Projects Sued More Often Under CEQA � But Greenfield Projects Lose More Often

California, CEQA, Insight, William Fulton


60% of EIR Challenges Involve Infill Projects

California, CEQA


Lawmakers Reject Major CEQA Reform (Updated)

California, CEQA


Home Denied CEQA Infill Exemption for Being ‘Unusually Large'

Alameda County, California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, Infill, Legal Digest, Vol. 27, No. 4 April 2012


2011 Precedent-Setting Cases in Land Use Law

California, California Land Use Law, CEQA


Is the NBA the New RDA?

Anaheim Royals, CEQA, Josh Stephens, Redevelopment, Sacramento County, Sacramento Kings

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