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Governor's Housing Proposal Faces Stiff Opposition

CEQA, Housing, Jerry Brown, League of California Cities


General Plan Language Matters

CEQA, Subdivision Map Act, Victorville, Wal-Mart


CP&DR's Top Ten Land Use Stories of 2015

CEQA, Don Shoup, Housing, Innovation, parking, Redevelopment, TopStories, Trends, Vol. 31 No. 1 January 2016


CEQA Does Not Apply In Reverse

California, CEQA


Pasadena Ushers in Era of VMT Metrics

California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, LOS, Los Angeles County, SB 743, smart growth, VMT


SANDAG Case Accepted by California Supreme Court, SD County CAP Case Declined

CEQA, San Diego County, SB 375


Greatest Hits of 2014 Land Use Law, Pt. 1: CEQA

California, CEQA, court cases, EIR


OPR Indicates VMT Guidance Will Trump General Plan Standards

CEQA, San Diego County, SB 743, VMT


LOS to VMT: the arguments have begun

California, California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, LOS, OPR, VMT


Steinberg Manages Some CEQA Reform After All


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