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L.A. Water Cut to Mono Lessees Isn't A New Project Under CEQA

CEQA, Los Angeles, Mono County, water


When Is A CEQA Project Description Too Narrow?

CEQA, Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, Water


A 35-Year Battle In Pismo Beach

Housing, LAFCO, Pismo Beach, Water


Monterey Turns to Creative Zoning to Boost Housing Supply

Housing, Monterey, Water


How an Arizona Outpost Quenches California's Thirst

Colorado River , Water


Valencia Water Company's Status Becomes a Newhall Ranch Football

Environment Watch, Los Angeles County, Newhall Ranch, Water


Beyond Almonds: Cities Face Immediate Water Cuts, Long-Range Uncertainty

California, Drought, Environment Watch, Vol. 30 No. 6 June 2015, Water


Groundwater Pump Charges Not Subject To Propositions 13 and 26, Court Rules

Groundwater, Ventura County, Water


Westlands Water District contracts found exempt from CEQA

California, Water


Healdsburg wants Toronto and New York to know its faucets are fine.


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