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Court is Stoked on Storm Water Treatment Facility at Malibu Beach

California, California Environmental Quality Act, Leslie Z. Walker, Urban runoff, Vol. 26 No. 11 June 1, 2011, Water, Wetlands


Proposed 'New City' Banks on Resurrection of Salton Sea

Josh Stephens, New cities, Riverside County, Salton Sea, Travertine Point, Vol. 26 No. 11 June 1, 2011, Water


Ignoring the Infrastructure Deficit Will Cost Us Dearly

California, Paul Shigley, transportation, water


PPIC Urges Water Governance Overhaul

California, Paul Shigley, PPIC, water


Beaumont Development Scores Victory Despite Impact To Agricultural Land

California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, Farmland, Legal Digest, Riverside County, Vol. 25 No. 24 Dec 16, 2010, Water, William W. Abbott


Two Years Of Nothing At The Capitol

California, California Legislation, CEQA, Paul Shigley, state budget, water


Cal Supremes Uphold Semi-Secret Ballot in Prop 218 Vote

California, Initiatives and referendums, Legal Digest, Vol. 25 No. 13 July 1-15 2010, Water, William W. Abbott


In Brief: Sonoma County Abandons Russian River Water Plan

CP&DR Staff, In Brief, Sonoma County, Vol. 24 No. 12 Sep 2009 - 2, Water


Court Clears Water District Consolidation Process

CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, San Bernardino County, Vol. 24 No. 06 Jun 2009, Water


Commission Recommends State Water Boards Reform

California, CP&DR Staff, Featured Articles, Vol. 24 No. 03 Mar 2009, Water

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