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Court Defers To City On Water Study Methodology

Legal Digest, Paul Shigley, Sonoma County, Vol. 24 No. 01 Jan 2009, Water


LAO Water Recommendations Touch Sensitive Areas

California, CP&DR Staff, Featured Articles, Vol. 23 No. 11 Nov 2008, Water


Antelope Valley Water Shortage Slows Growth, Raises Questions

California, Local Watch, Paul Shigley, Vol. 23 No. 10 Oct 2008, Water


Water Data Drought Prevents Good Planning, Report Finds

California, Environment Watch, Paul Shigley, Vol. 23 No. 09 Sep 2008, Water


Challenge To Water Supply Assessment Must Wait For EIR, Court Rules

CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Vol. 23 No. 06 Jun 2008, Water


Stormwater Regulations Proliferate

California, Featured Articles, Paul Shigley, Vol. 23 No. 04 Apr 2008, Water


Surprise! Tucson Doesn't Want To Be Los Angeles Either



Late Filing Doesn't Cure Missed Deadline In Water Meter Lawsuit

California Environmental Quality Act, CP&DR Staff, Fresno County, Legal Digest, Vol. 22 No. 06 Jun 2007, Water


Sacramento County Gets Water To Grow

Corruption, CP&DR Staff, Flood control, In Brief, Sacramento County, Vol. 22 No. 06 Jun 2007, Water


Court Ruling Underscores Need For New Delta Strategy

Alameda County, Environment Watch, John Krist, Vol. 22 No. 05 May 2007, Water

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