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Californians Show Their Bravery on Climate Change

AB 32, California, Climate Change, Measure R, SB 375, SB 743, Sustainability


A Vivid Warning for Coastal Cities

Climate change, Los Angeles County


California Engages in Mature Debate Over Spending of Cap-and-Trade Funds

AB 32, California, Cap and Trade, Climate Change, SB 375


California's Admirably Mature Approach to Climate Change

AB 32, California, Cap and Trade, Climate Change, SB 375


Parties in SANDAG litigation ask court what it means to take climate change planning seriously

Climate change


Most California locals are tackling climate change -- and using parking reductions to do it

Climate Change, parking


Brown Issues Draft Environmental Goals and Policies Report

Climate change


Concern for Corn Sets Back AB 32's Regulation of Carbon

AB 32, California, Climate change, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


Strategic Plan, Grant Programs Drive SGC's Agenda

California, Climate change, Initiatives and referendums, Local government finance, Q&A, Vol. 27 No. 7, July 2012


Climate Change Study Projects Which Places Will Beat the Heat--And Which Won't

C-Change.LA, Climate Change, Los Angeles County, SB 375

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