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Demolition of L.A. Neighborhood Does Not Qualify as 'Condemnation Blight'

Cori M. Badgley, Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Takings, Vol. 26 No. 12 June 15, 2011


Statute of Limitations Runs Out in Housing Element Dispute

California, Legal Digest, Vol. 26 No. 12 June 15, 2011, William W. Abbott


Oil Town of Maricopa Running on Fumes

Featured Articles, Josh Stephens, Kern County, Knox-Cortese-Hertzberg, Local government finance, Maricopa, Vol. 26 No. 12 June 15, 2011


'Parklets' Create Public Space, 120 Square Feet at a Time

California, Featured Articles, Josh Stephens, Parklets, Parks and open space, Pavement to Parks, Vol. 26 No. 12 June 15, 2011