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Vision Scenario Depicts Unified Bay Area

Featured Articles, Housing, Josh Stephens, One Bay Area, Plan Bay Area, Regional planning, SB 375, Vol. 26 No. 8 April 15, 2011


Court Declares Tidelands Development Regulation Invalid

Coastal development, Katherine J. Hart, Legal Digest, Santa Barbara County, Vol. 26 No. 8 April 15, 2011


Yurok Tribe Seeks Control of National Park Acreage

Del Norte County, James Brasuell, Parks and open space, Redwoods National Park, Vol. 26 No. 8 April 15, 2011, Yurok Tribe


A Prescription for Prosperity: Let Cities Be Cities

Adam Christian, Book Reviews, California Environmental Quality Act, Economic development, Edward Glaeser, Historic preservation, Infill development, New urbanism, Triumph of the City, Vol. 26 No. 8 April 15, 2011


Density Bonus Law Can Apply to Infill Projects

Alameda County, California Environmental Quality Act, Cori Badgley, Infill development, Legal Digest, Vol. 26 No. 8 April 15, 2011