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General Plan Trumps Zoning In SB 330 Case

If upheld on appeal, L.A. judge's ruling could completely upend the way cities interpret the consistence between general plans and zoning..   >>read more

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HCD To Review San Francisco's Housing Processes

(in: Articles)
HCD, Housing, Housing Element, Newsom, San Francisco

CP&DR News Briefs August 9, 2022: San Bernardino Co. Secession; Whole Foods Suit in San Jose; Housing Unaffordability; and More

(in: News Briefs)

Malibu District Loses Proposition 218 Case

(in: Legal Digest)
Assessment District , Malibu, Proposition 218

CP&DR News Briefs August 2, 2022: S.F. Upzone Veto; San Jose-Santa Clara Truce; Fair Housing; and More

(in: News Briefs)

An Ivory Tower Solution To Climate Change

CEQA, Climate

People's Park Development On Hold

(in: Legal Digest)
Berkeley, CEQA, UC

CP&DR Vol. 37 No. 7 July 2022

(in: Reports)

CP&DR News Briefs July 26, 2022: Conservation in L.A. Co.; SGC "Resilience Centers;" and More

(in: News Briefs)

Anaheim Renovates The Road To Summer

(in: Articles)

Granite Bay Self-Storage Opponents Get Second Bite At The Apple

CEQA, Placer County, Self-Storage
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