The staff of the California resources board has released a staff report (pdf) and CEQA functional equivalent (pdf) document with its proposals for per capita greenhouse gas emissions targets for the state's four largest MPO's. The report comes roughly two months after ARB staff presented the board with a target range of 5-10 percent per capita reductions for 2020 for the four urban MPOs and "placeholder targets" for those of the Central Valley.

Somewhat unexpectedly, ARB staff has recommended different targets for each of the "big four." 

They are as follows: 

MTC Bay Area: 7 percent - 2020; 15 percent - 2035

SANDAG: 7 percent - 2020; 13 percent - 2035

SACOG: 7 percent - 2020; 16 percent - 2035

SCAG: 8 percent - 2020; 13 percent - 2035

San Joaquin Valley MPOs (eight MPOs) placeholder targets: 5 percent - 2020; 10 percent - 2035

ARB is currently accepting comments on these targets. The board is scheduled to consider them Sept. 23. 

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-- Josh Stephens