The Planning Center | DC&E is looking for an urban planner to join our team in the newly established Downtown Los Angeles office. We are seeking someone who is passionate and deeply committed to produce planning and urban design documents that are transformative in shaping and improving our communities. We are looking for someone who is on track for increasing responsibility for project management and marketing. Key qualifications for this position:
? Degree in urban planning, architecture, urban design, or related professional program
? Minimum of three years working for a municipal planning agency or private consulting firm
? Experience in writing policy sections for comprehensive general plans, specific plans, and comparable planning products
? Understands integration of urban form with policy planning and capable of conceptualizing physical development concepts
? Capable of addressing prevailing planning issues and best practices such as climate change, sustainability, and healthy cities
? Understands the tools and methods of public outreach and engagement and able to effectively participate in public meetings
? Has worked collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary environment
? Maintains a healthy and balanced life