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Guide to California Planning [Third Edition]

Authors: William Fulton, Paul Shigley Published: September 2005 Publisher: Solano Press Books

This new edition of the classic Guide to California Planning - co-authored by William Fulton and Paul Shigley, editor of California Planning & Development Report - describes how cities, counties, developers, and citizen groups all interact with each other on a daily basis to shape California communities and the California landscape for better and for worse. Easy to understand, Guide to California Planning serves as the authoritative textbook on city and county planning practice throughout the state. It's also an ideal tool for planning professionals, members of allied professions in e planning and development fields, and citizen activists. The Third Edition, published in October 2005, is expanded and updated, including new material on housing, New Urbanism, and Smart Growth, as well as expanded material on transportation and natural resources.

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