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Reference Sources

Mar 29, 2007

Bureau of Transportation Statistics Bookstore
A list of publications on transportation statistics from the US Department of Transportation.

California Lobbyists Directory
Searchable lists of California lobbyists, lobbying firms, lobbyist employers, and changes to the lobbyist directory.

Community Development Fact Sheet Index
Directory of Community Development Fact Sheets from Ohio State University.

Counting California
Infromation, facts, and figures about California

Interactive California Book of Lists
Annual survey from the Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) that identifies recent planning activities, accomplishments, and trends and includes the name, address, and phone number of every planning dept. in California.

Pace University School of Law � Land Use Law Center
This Center is dedicated to fostering the development of sustainable communities in New York State. Available here is LUCAS, an online database of articles.

Sources: An Annotated Bibliography for California Planners
An annotated bibliography of planning materials from the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research. Links to many of the included documents are available.

State of California Online Directory
Directory of California goverment services and information, including a government employee directory.

The Eco Gateway Directory: Bibliographies Directory
A categorized list of links to online bibliographies that support ECOIQ's mission of supporting decisions that combine economics and ecology.

The Essential Planning Library
A list from the APA librarian, Shannon Paul, and Stuart Meck of the essential references for any planning library.

Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Housing Bibliography Database
An unmoderated bibliographic database of resources on housing.