The State Supreme Court has accepted for review a Proposition 218 case from Shasta County. All seven justices voted to review the decision in Richmond v. Shasta Community Services District, No. S105078 (see CP&DR Legal Digest, April 2002). In February, the Third District Court of Appeal ruled that the district's water connection fee was a development fee and, therefore, was not subject to the constraints of Proposition 218. However, the court ruled that a "fire suppression" assessment levied at the same time as the water connection fee was subject to Proposition 218 and required two-thirds voter approval. The difference, the court held, was that the water connection fee was based on the cost of providing new capacity and the projected number of eventual water users. The fire fee, however, was a general governmental assessment, which must be approved by voters. The appellate court's decision appeared to satisfy no one. The League of California Cities sought to have the opinion depublished. The developers who filed the lawsuit sought a review by the state high court. No date has been set yet for oral arguments.