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Judge Upholds L.A.'s Transit-Oriented Communities Guidelines

Density Bonus Law , Housing, Los Angeles, Transit-Oriented Development

CP&DR News Briefs August 17, 2021: Huntington Beach Lawsuit; L.A. Homeless Housing; Housing & Wildfires; and More

Are Blacks Getting Crowded Out?

African-American, Antioch, Census, Oakland

CP&DR News Briefs August 10, 2021: Sacramento Homeless Plan; Warehouse Opposition; New SGC Director; and More

Prohousing Designation Sets "A High Bar" for Cities

AHSC, Grants , HCD, Housing

CP&DR News Briefs August 3, 2021: Los Angeles Homelessness; San Diego Arena; Congestion Pricing in S.F.; and More

HCD's New "Prohousing" Designation

HCD, Housing, Prohousing

Legal Briefs: Cal Supremes Won't Take SB 35 Case

Berkeley, California Supreme Court, Housing, SB 35

Summer Book Roundup, 2021

CP&DR Vol. 36 No. 7 July 2021