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CP&DR News Briefs August 23, 2022: Bay Area High Speed Rail; Wildfire Planning; "Megaflood;" and More

REAP 2.0: $600 Million To Locals For SCS Implementation

Grants, Infill Development, MPOs, REAP, SB 375, SCAG

CP&DR News Briefs August 16, 2022: Los Gatos Housing Revolt; Fracking Moratorium; Livermore Housing Suit; and More

Can Eliminating Ag Mitigation Create New Impacts?

CEQA, Farmland, Visalia

HCD Expects Review To Be Confined To San Francisco For Now

HCD, Housing, Housing Element, Newsom, San Francisco

CP&DR News Briefs August 9, 2022: San Bernardino Co. Secession; Whole Foods Suit in San Jose; Housing Unaffordability; and More

Malibu District Loses Proposition 218 Case

Assessment District , Malibu, Proposition 218

General Plan Trumps Zoning In SB 330 Case

General Plan, Los Angeles, SB 330, Zoning

CP&DR News Briefs August 2, 2022: S.F. Upzone Veto; San Jose-Santa Clara Truce; Fair Housing; and More

An Ivory Tower Solution To Climate Change

CEQA, Climate
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